Guns, Drugs and Mental Health: Crises Everywhere

Life is hard and cries abound. What if each of us chose to become a better person?

Holding the "Both-And" in Times of Stress

Compassion, wisdom, and curiosity may just be able to help us avoid the well trodden path to polarization, them vs us, and the limits of right and wrong. We are more than all that!

Your New Year’s Resolution, Eight Days Later

As the new year comes rolling in, making our resolutions from the truth of our inner knowing, the heart centered New year's Resolutions, will turn us towards a deeper Truth.

World Psychosynthesis Day

The synthesis of the psyche is an invitation, and in these difficult days, a mandate, towards creating inner and outer peace. Psychosynthesis offers a path towards that.

Changing the Game: Politics and the Call of Self

With politics big on the horizon, can we become better people? What if change does start with us? Let's not make everyone who disagrees with us, a "bad guy." That's a good start!

Have to? Should? Could? Will?

Caught up in the "too much" world, we may find ourselves living unconsciously, doing, doing doing. But take a moment and imagine what you might do in any moment. Sit with possibilities. And then, feeling into your own knowing, make a choice.

If Not Now, Zen?

Both the past and future weigh on us like heavy stones. But we are, after all, human, so we will inevitably do this past and future game.Take a breath and smile. Be here now.

A Spiritual Life with a Psychology to Match

Spiritual people, spiritual psychology: hope for the future.
 Used with permission

Peace: A Job for One

Peace begins inside of each person and it is there that it is nurtured. As peace grows inside, it will, inevitably, reach into the world, through kindness, love, compassion and wisdom. In that way, each human being, as an act of inner work, can help bring peace to the world.

Psychology? Today?

As psychology embraces the spiritual realities of a fulfilling life, transpersonal psychology, coaching and transformational coaching lead the way in changing the field. A field long steeped in pathology is opening itself to human resilience, qualities of being, the call of Self and the essential life affirming need to live in relationship to purpose, meaning and values.

Sleeping By (And With) Yourself

Say yes to the day and all it contains. Say yes to the night and all it offers.

Spring Springs, So Why Can’t We?

While flowers bloom, we humans often hesitate to let our blossoms show. What we have allowed ourselves to open, as our very Call of self invites us to do?

Broken Your New Year’s Resolution Yet?

NewYear's resolutions pull us in every direction and more often than not, turn out to be yet another fruitless exercise in trying to be better. Oh, the suffering we cause ourselves with "shoulds" and "wants". But there is a way to know ourselves that allows us to be fully aware and choose, gracefully, from within our deepest Self, guided by wise intuition. Happy New Year!

Back to School or Not Back at All?

While it's back to school for kids, we adults are still growing, learning and moving ahead. At least, we should be. Take a few minutes to orient your life on the path ahead, with a little balance, a touch of self-care, some allies and a reminder to be true to yourself. School's not out yet!

Living the Big Picture

The Big Picture includes the whole world, all that is in it, all that is outside of what we know and all that lives in the the questions we ask.


Whether we are making art or driving a car, creation is in our hands. What we create and how it impacts the world is up to us!

Darkness and Light

When the monk is hungry, the monk eats. When the monk is tired, the monk sleeps. When the monk is having a bad day, that’s just what is!

Tune in, Step Out

Balancing our inner life and our outer world keeps us whole! Like the in-breath and the out-breath we are designed to be both self-reflective and active. We are both awareness and will. To truly know and be our Selves, we need both.

Desire: Who's in Charge?

Desire can drive us towards our greatest accomplishments and it can also take us quickly down the slippery slope to disaster. The solution? Know who (in you) is the source of the desire!
Saying Goodbye…Slowly

Saying Goodbye…Slowly

As women, we are all daughters. Learning to make the mother/daughter relationship work is the first step. We are invited to do this in our inner world and in real time. Learning to let it go is the last step, but not before we internalize the best of what that relationship offered us.

Spring Cleaning: From the Inside Out

Spring cleaning starts on the inside! The garden of our heart, the inner rooms of our mind, these are the place to start. De-cluttering is not just about the too-many-things in our outer world. It is also about the many, many things that fill our minds and hearts that do not serve us.


Is it better to give than to receive? Or is it, in fact, better to know how to give and how to receive? Finding the balance between selfishness and self-sacrifice is all about hearing the Call of your SELF.

Take Off That Mask!

It's almost Halloween! Time to put on a mask. But wait, we are already wearing so many masks. Maybe it is time to take some of them off.

The Risk of Living Deeply

For all of our efforts to stay safe, the risk that we are all drawn to is that which takes us closer to our own heart and soul. The Call of Self invites us to step out of safety and into our own truth.


We've been building moats around the castle since we figured out how to build castles. But why? Why is it so important to protect everything? Protect it (us) from what?

Tis the Season…..

Taking a stand against the pull of family history, culture and tradition allows us to create a holiday season that has true meaning. Time to take stock of what is really important, what we really believe and how we (uniquely) want to move through this season. 

True Power

As the story goes, the renegade samurai (ronin, they call them) was running through the streets slaying people in his rage. The villagers, fleeing to safety, ran up into the hills and yelled to the monk meditating in his (her) temple. Run, run, run... the ronin is coming. The monk, as one would predict in a morality tale, continued to sit in serene meditation. The ronin finally got to the temple and confronted the monk, sword at the ready. "Don't you know I have the power to run you through with my sword?" he (she) said. A deep breath and the monk responded...

Meditation to Go!

There are no easy answers. But there are some easy strategies and if we can institute even a few little calming moments, then we have changed our lives. And like any habit, bad or good, the more we practice a strategy, the more it becomes a habit. The more it becomes a habit, the more it becomes a way of life. And the way of life is all we have.