Managing Diabetes in Festive Times

Are you worried about managing your Type 2 diabetes as the holidays approach? Are you anxious about going to social gatherings? Talking about your concerns and planning can help.

Coping with Micro-Stressors: How Do I Work My Smart TV?

How do I work my Smart TV? What can we do about micro-stressors?

Thank God the Holidays Are Over: Coping With Diabetes

How can I enjoy social gatherings if I have diabetes? Holiday gatherings can be stressful for men and women coping with diabetes.

The Guest in My Sitting Room

Is your cable bill making you anxious? How much television viewing is healthy and relaxing? How much is too much?

Planning a Successful Multigenerational Holiday

Has it been months since you had an unhurried conversation with your adult children or grandchildren? Consider a multi-generational holiday this summer.

Meet Me for Coffee

Are the cold days of winter making you feel disconnected? Has it been weeks since you met with your coffee and conversation group? You are not alone.

Coping With Technological Overload

Is your job placing too many technological demands on you? Technology overload is often mentioned as one important area of stress, especially for older workers.

What Can I Do About My Aching Back?

Nearly half of older adults report experiencing one episode of back pain in a calendar year. This pain can increase physical and social inactivity and decrease life satisfaction.

Comforting Third Spaces

The best third spaces are green spaces.

Connect Us One and All

There are also still millions of Americans who are offline. Households without connections are likely to be more disadvantaged with regard to health care, employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and even entertainment.

Tuning In and Tuning Out Technology

Clearly the picture is complex. A large percentage of Americans benefit from the use of technology. The Internet can serve as a valuable tool for people of all ages. It can empower to be better informed about our health and enable us to connect with family, friends. It can help us do our more efficiently. But these benefits have costs.

Family Reunions and Reminiscence

Family reunions allow us to connect across the generations, to eat, drink, and reminisce about the past, to share stories of childhood adventures.

Natures Bounty: Free Therapy

Nature provides us with free therapy. Thirty minutes a day sitting in the park, walking in the woods, contemplating the waves on the beach promotes well being and increases happiness.

Rites of Spring: Reflecting on Another Noroos

Spring rites are celebrated and acknowledged around the world. In Iran, the first day of Spring is also the first day of the New Year, or Noroos. Noroos is an ancient Zoroastrian holiday that Persians have celebrated with rituals that focus on the beginning and end of life, on rebirth, and on good and evil in the world. It is a time of reflection and renewal.

Travelling Companions: The Healing Power of Books

Reading is tantamount to taking a mental holiday. On cold winter days books can take us away on adventures, to warm beaches, to a better understanding of ourselves and our lives. They can link us to memories of the past and lead us to new beginnings. Reading is a great stress reducer, unfortunately 23% of Americans did not read a single book in 2013.

Learning to Be a Grandmother

Support from grandmothers is linked to pro-social behavior and longevity.

Summertime Blues

Vacations are an important ingredient in the recipe for a happy and fulfilled life. Unfortunately modern life seems to be ever more busy and more hectic. Research indicates that for most Americans a perceived lack of time is a major source of stress.

Reflection of Self: Ageism and the Body

Cultural body ideals are often elusive and unattainable, especially with age. Aging bodies can can become a symbol of despair leading to anxiety and unhappiness.

Struggling with Caregiving: My days in Solitary Confinement

Caregivers often spend months or even years living in what amounts to solitary confinement. In the United States between 30 and 38 million adults, mostly women provide regular ongoing care for a family member or loved one. The stresses and burdens of providing 24 hour care, seven days a week can be debilitating. Caregivers need help.

Dying for the Common Good

Taco Bell is to be commended for their 2013 Super Bowl commercial depicting a group of elders enjoying life. Unfortunately such glimpses are all too rare in our ageist world. More common messages are like the message recently verbalized by a Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso who last month said: Let the elderly hurry up and die.