‘7 Strengths’ Supports Emotional and Social Learning

We all have a critical role to play in helping our children grow into engaged, empathic, and caring citizens. Reading and self-expression are key tools.

Five Transformational Family Resolutions for the New Year

As the New Year dawns, we have a longing to recommit, to make aspirational promises and pledges. But we tend to do these things from the perspective of ourselves as individuals. This season, let’s recommit as families and communities too. Let’s make resolutions that will inspire and activate all the best parts of how we come together in our core circles of humanity.

Raising a Reader: Learning Empathy

The family and educator's work in helping a child build empathy to others cannot be underestimated as key to not only that child's outcomes, but the outcomes of a peaceful society overall. There is much we can do for all our children, whether they be our own or others. The simplest thing we can do to build connection between people is to read to every child.

10 Ways to Raise a Happy Child

Here are ten simple actions we can take to create a positive, safe and happy environment for our children, one that is infused with inspiration, wonder and joy.

THE VALUE OF A PICTURE BOOK: 5 Life-Lessons Your Child Gets From Stories

From books, children learn empathy, patience, curiosity, community, and the importance of imagination.