What If the Diagnosis of Autism Is Wrong?

How does this happen? There are many neuropsychologists who are excellent and take time to evaluate a child. Sometimes, children do not perform well because they are afraid of the unfamiliar adult or the testing tasks and environment. Sometimes, at a young age, particularly in cases of a language delay, the child doesn’t understand the intent of the question.

Speech Therapy Out of the Box

Young children need to be taught language and social skills “outside the box”. What do I mean? Children who receive speech therapy at school are usually seen in a “box”, that is, an office. In my experience they learn outside, during recess, and on the playground.

Why Are We Driven to Give Standardized Tests to Children?

Students in Finland have the highest test scores in the world, but not because they take standardized tests every year. In Finland, a child is not tested until high school, yet students there test higher than other students in the world. Why? First, teachers are valued and considered a treasure to the world. Teachers are like doctors.

Can Children Learn to Negotiate?

Some kids have a natural tendency to see the perspective of another person, and to bring up options for mutual gain. Some children need an experience with a mentor that helps them use more creativity and they can grow beyond their own family or cultural traditions and develop their own thinking. I firmly believe that kids are capable of learning to negotiate.

Are Your Kids Plugged Into Screens?

Children are linked up to their smartphone or tablet, or some game console activity that captivates them and keeps them in their own “zone.” They ignore you. It’s almost impossible to talk to your children today with social media, and fixation on their screens. Here's suggested strategies to help you manage your child's digital media screen time.