When Students Talk About Wealth and Class

Are our kids better at talking about wealth and class than we are?

How to Avoid a Personal Political Meltdown

Feeling worn out by the political situation? A little group can make a big difference

The Heroism That Grows from Defeat

Life is challenging: We need to learn how to have a really successful failure.

A Proposal to Provide Hope For Middle-Aged Men Left Behind

Men's pain today has to do with relationships, not just employment

Hope and Connection In These Political Times

Worried, anxious, and confused by politics? Here are a few steps that can help.

A Hopeful Right Turn in Treating Addictions

Tired of the unhelpful stigma and shaming surrounding addiction treatment? Here's a different approach.

How To Accomplish Nothing in Therapy

A little satire and a nod to Abbott and Costello, philosophers of the Absurd.

Watching A Bird Die

Many of us avoid the topic of dying. Spending some time with death can deepen our engagement with life.

An Existential Take on Cell Phones

Our mobile devices free us and imprison us at the same time. Here's how it happens.

Do We Ever Really Say Goodbye to Those We Love?

Perhaps we never really say goodbye to those we've lost: The conversation with them can continue throughout our lives in unexpected ways. And in the most unexpected places.

What Happens When We Really Listen to Someone Else

One filmmaker. Two fictional transgender sex workers of color in Los Angeles. A lesson for us all in seeing people as more than diagnoses and stereotypes..

The Creative Power of Landscape

The physical effort involved in this artist's work jumpstarts his imagination and creativity
Sam Osherson

The Hundred Kinds of Silence

Do you wonder how to deepen your conversations? How to connect more fully with yourself? A few well-placed silences can make all the difference.

What Men Owe Their Mothers

Beyond the sentimental stereotypes, there is a deep relationship between men and their mothers. And it can be hard for a man to acknowledge that debt without again feeling like a little boy clustered around a woman's skirt.

Getting Intentionally Lost Later in Life

As we age, taking a Time Out can be crucial to vital involvement in our life. How to create a space where we can renew and rediscover ourselves?

The Honest Truth About Self- Publishing

There are profound rewards, delights, and costs to self- publishing. They may not be the ones you expect.

How The Politics of Memory Affects Us All

How our society remembers history affects our sense of identity and well-being. The current controversy about remembering the Vietnam War trickles through families up to the present day, and shapes what kind of future our children will encounter.

Rescue the Mangroves, Rescue Ourselves?

A small, dirt-road fishing village on the Pacific coast of Mexico organizes to restore their threatened ocean environment and provides hope for all of us. They remind us of the powerful hunger to take care of the natural world and "our animal relatives."

What I’ve learned from learning the Ukulele

Sometimes our failures contain the seeds of our greatest successes. Consider what happened when I, yet again, decided to try and learn to play a musical instrument before it was too late.
Sam Osherson

Climate Change: How To Really Make A Difference

We live with a blanket of denial about human-made climate change, yet there are many paths to an empowered activism that works toward a more hopeful future. Here are some examples.

Getting Past Our Climate Change Denial

We live in a culture of denial about human-made climate change. In contrast to the pessimism and apathy this creates, there is a lot that each of us can do now to create a more hopeful future.

How Teachers Can Reduce the Empathy Gap That Wealth Creates

Wealthy children often live in a bubble. Teachers can help them learn more about who they are and how the world really works, which will benefit us all.

The Hidden Cost of Being Wealthy

Material wealth comes with a psychological price tag--one that we all, one percent and ninety-nine percent, need to be aware of.

How War Seduces Our Imagination

The real significance of Ferguson is that it lays bare the cultural and psychological backdrop for the "new normal" around weaponry and violence in the United States. Like all wars, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have leached into our national consciousness.

When Veterans and Civilians Listen to Each Other

The wounds of war can ripple through families even decades after veterans return. Finding a way to talk about the unspoken stories of those who have experienced war directly and those back home who experienced war long-distance can be healing. Here's what's involved in finding a common language.

Why Veterans and Civilians Need to Talk to Each Other

Veterans and civilians need each other. Familiar verbal stop signs like, “you can’t understand” or “I don’t dare ask” are too costly for everyone. We need to find a way to have a dialogue about what is like to return from war, and what it is like to be a son, a parent, a sibling, a spouse of someone who has been to war