The Drama of the Drone Warrior

The new drone warfare movie starring Ethan Hawke may be fiction but ironically it gives a better sense of the workings and effects of our actual drone program than has been offered so far by government officials.

A Tortured Twist on Ethics

George Orwell wisely observed that our understanding of the past, and the meaning associated with it, directly influences the future. What would he think about doctors who helped carry out U.S. torture?

Obedience, Consumer Culture, and Climate Change

Modern societies are largely founded on the seductive idea that valuing obedience over disobedience will bring both personal success and social cohesion. We are taught from an early age that even minor disobedience will sharply increase the likelihood of scary prospects like personal failure and social chaos. Will we continue to obey until we self-destruct?

Pain and Poiesis

While psychological pain can cause all manner of suffering, it can also be an important driver of human creativity. Distress can be functional; we are often moved to create because we need to feel better, to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of people around us. Psychological theories reason that negative emotion can enhance creativity in several ways.

Losing Sleep in the 21st Century

Insufficient sleep, which is linked to poorer physical and mental health, is increasingly common in both the U.S. and Europe due to recent social and cultural changes in Western society. More electronic media in the bedroom isn't helping, but the trend toward less sleep has been going on for a while.

Creating Space

Do you have the space, and the courage, to go your own, unique and unexpected way?

How the Age of Google Glasses Is Likely to Change Us

Are you ready to become a superintelligent and hyperconnected proto-cyborg? Here are a few things I imagine might be issues of concern as we integrate augmented reality (AR) glasses into our lives.