You Said You Love Me; So Why Do You Yell At Me?

Do intimate partners really just blow up at each other "out of the blue"? Read on to learn what really causes loving partners to "lose control" of their emotions.

Want Your Kids to Start Listening to You? Stop Doing This!

A new, healthier way of looking at discipline.

Three Words We Must Tell Our Kids Other Than, "I Love You!"

Scoring a goal in sports, getting great grades or having a wonderful dance recital alone will not give your child a lasting sense of value!

How This Toxic (Non-Four Letter Word) Ruins Relationships?

Do partners in loving relationships really just blow up at each other, "out of the blue"? I don't think so! This word is a like a silent bomb ticking away in your head that can, over time, destroy your relationship!

Do You Hold Toxic Labels About Your Intimate Partner?

I often see an unfortunate paradox with toxic labeling. People who assign labels to their partners are often using these labels to avoid how they really feel—angry or frustrated.

Do You Say This One Word That Can Destroy Your Relationship?

This word creates a toxic, judgmental and controlling dynamic in loving relationships!

Here is a Powerful Acronym to Help Your Child Manage Stress!

Kids do better in life when they learn how to calm down and solve problems! Borrowing from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) the word "ACCEPTS" provides prompts for valuable coping skills for children, teens, and adults to handle stress. To help your child or teen better deal with stress, take a look at the power of the 7 skills embodied in "ACCEPTS"

Is Your Relationship Toxic?

Are your or your partner's obvious or hidden toxic thoughts and feelings destroying your relationship?

Creating Boundaries With Dependent Adult Children

Adult children who remain overly dependent on their parents often are allowed to get into this situation because their parents enable them. The good news is that it is never too late to set boundaries!

Ten Homework Motivation Strategies for Children and Teens

Keep your emotions in check while getting your kids back into their books with these proven strategies.

The Key to a Happier Relationship!

Frustrated with your intimate partner? You are probably looking in the wrong place to feel better about your relationship.

The Danger of Denying Your Child's Feelings

Swimming in that big river in Egypt called "DE Nial" leaves children feeling misunderstood and alone.

Criticism, Avoidance, and Negativity: How They Destroy Love?

If these three types of thoughts go on in your head, your relationship may be in peril!

A Quick, Easy Technique to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

If your kids have you climbing the walls, don't despair--just head for the ceiling to stop the yelling, power struggles, and drama. Here is how to do it!

Hormonal Changes that Trigger Depression in Women

One in four women will experience an episode of depression at least once in their lives.

Three Tips for Discipline Without Desperation

You may feel that no discipline of any kind has ever worked with your child. If so, you are certainly not the only one who feels that way.

Helping Siblings of a Defiant Child See Fair Is Not Equal

Your children need to learn that you will do your best to meet each of their unique needs, but this does not mean that everything will be equal between them.

You Will Get Closer to Your Children By NOT Doing This.....

The best discipline you can give your child is having the self-discipline to not make this very common parenting mistake.

Seven Ways to Reduce The Urge To Yell At Your Child

Many parents tearfully come to my office regretting the damage their yelling does to their relationships with their children, Here is how to change from being a "yeller" to calmer parent.

Three Ways to Be a More Patient Parent

Without this mindset, most parenting strategies will fail miserably.

Twelve Tips for A Stronger, More Satisfying Relationship

You can get the love you want by using these twelve strategies.

Get Out Of Your Toxic Relationship By Taking These 3 Steps!

Toxic relationships are not good for you. They can break down your emotional health. Here are three steps to get yourself out of your toxic relationship!

Reducing Your Stress From A Challenging Child

Managing your emotional health is crucial for parenting a difficult child.

Why Not to Yell in a Nutshell

You can stay mindful to not yell at your child by being aware of the problems is causes.

8 Tips to Help Your Distractible Child Succeed

Learn these eight ways to coach your distractible child to success.

Three Ways To Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Well intended parents lose sight of the emotional damage their children experience from yelling. Here are three ways to break out of the parent yelling trap.

Struggling In Your Love? Take This Toxic Relationship Test!

Do you wonder if your relationship is toxic?

How Fault-Finding Destroys Loving Relationships

Do you really understand what destroys relationships?

9 Thoughts That Destroy Loving Relationships

Don't let any of these toxic thoughts overtake you and hurt or destroy your loving relationship.

The Most Toxic (Non-Four-Letter) Word in Any Relationship

Stop saying this word so you and your intimate partner can get along better and feel a stronger, healthier love.