If you’ve got friends who always put you first, who are always there when you need them, maybe it’s a good time to show them just how much you appreciate having them in your life.

Here are some creative ideas for offering your best friends an extra special show of appreciation for how good they make you feel and how much fun you find them to be. Make today “BFFs Day” and give your friend a big fat kiss on the cheek and a bear hug and maybe follow that with one of the following activities, depending on your ways and means.

Far Flung Friends

When you want to do more than just simply send a card:

  1. Send flowers, of course! According to the language of flowers, you can send yellow roses, ivy, irises, or even Lily of the Incas as a symbol of your friendship.
  2. Send your BFF a homemade “pajama-gram” with pj’s that capitalize on one of her favorite interests. This might be pj bottoms with puppies, martinis, wine glasses, chocolates, flowers, or even Wookies! Include her all-time favorite movie snack and a DVD of a “guilty pleasure” movie. Plan a time where you both can curl up in jammies and watch the movie “together,” even if you’re thousands of miles apart and have to rely on Skype or cellphones to share the experience.
  3. Write a poem or a “love letter” to your BFF – let her know how much she means to you. Send along a copy of a favorite photo, describe what you appreciate most about her, or tell her about a favorite moment in the friendship. Nothing brings a wider smile and a case of the warm fuzzies more quickly than someone telling us how amazing we are – and knowing that they really, really meaning it!!
  4. Create a Youtube video in which you tell her how much she means to you and recount some of the best times you’ve had together over the years. You could create a speech like you were giving her the award for Most Awesome Friend Ever. Let her know just how much you love her and send her the link before you lose your courage!

Friendship Dates

  1. Make a “date night” where the two of you head out to a favorite restaurant and bring along a sentimental gift to mark the friendship celebration. 
  2. No one ever said that a “Couples’ Massage” couldn’t be a “couple of BFFs,” did they? Enjoy the luxury of a spa visit with your BFF and you won’t care how bad your hair looks after the massage or the sauna.
  3. Get a group of good friends together for an “Anti-Valentine’s Date” and head out for a group dinner date.
  4. If the group’s too big for a restaurant, order in pizza, Chinese, or make grilled cheese for the crew. Party to a sappy rom/com or two or re-watch a classic college or professional ball game, whatever the majority decides.
  5. Binge on Netflix and your favorite snacks – whether your tastes run to “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Walking Dead,” “The Office”  –  whatever entertains the two of you the most.
  6. Have a low budget makeover night – either at the local most awesome beauty product retailer (Sephora, Clinique, etc.) or at home. Try out hairstyles, inexpensive and a little more risky than usual nail colors, eye make-ups, whatever! A little lighthearted laughter and silliness shared between friends makes for great “remember when…” memories.
  7. Have a gender-mixed Pajama Party with your best friends. Have the same long talks and Truth or Dare moments that you enjoyed as a teen. Watch horror flicks or thrillers or Gilmore Girls, The Office, Boy Meets World, whatever. Bake cookies at midnight and scramble eggs at dawn.

Activity Dates for Pals

  1. A new work-out craze (or Kickboxing or Zumba, if you haven’t yet given them a try!)
  2. Paint & Wine classes can be fun – Pinot’s Palette, Bottle & Bottega, and Color Me Mine are just a few of the places that offer these events
  3. Couples’ Yoga – some poses require a partner and a fair amount of trust – who can you trust more than a good friend, right?
  4. Go “day-tripping” for kicks! Choose a date and go adventuring into the unknown! Make a plan to drive 2 hours North, East, South, or West and see where you end up! (With GPS and cellphones, you’ll know where you are once you arrive, but don’t spoil the fun unless there’s a potential emergency!)

Love is Love, Right?

Even if you have the most awesome partner in the world, having a best friend is absolutely essential, too. In fact, a lot of our best friendships will outlast many of our romantic relationships. Show your besties some serious friendship love and honor the amazing relationship you have with her, too. Laughter, loyalty, and honest, unadulterated affection rank high on everyone’s list of what we need from our friends. If you’ve got someone in your life who’s always there with these qualities for you, do something special to celebrate that relationship. If she thinks you’re worth it, you know that she’s worth it, too.

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