20 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Best Friends

Spending Valentine's Day with your best friend may be a lot more fun than trying to stage the "perfect" romantic evening with a date.

Thick as Thieves?

Loyal, trusting, and trustworthy friends are the ones whose eyes you should strive to see yourself. Friends can offer love and support to you when you cannot offer it to yourself

Can this Friendship be Saved?

Anything is possible when it comes to relationships. But if you're trying to fix one, you need to be clear in your goal.

Healthy Narcissism: It’s What Keeps Us Secure

There’s a world of difference between healthy and toxic narcissism! Don’t feel bad if you love yourself – remember, no behavior is a problem, UNTIL it becomes a problem!

5 Reasons It's So Hard to End a Friendship

Hanging onto relationships that make you feel worse, not better, is a poor choice when it comes to your emotional and physical well-being.

How to Keep the Heat in a Monogamous Relationship

Couples in significant relationships need to make time for sexual intimacy even if schedules seem too busy to allow it.

Are Narcissists Born or Made?

Narcissism can be understood through developmental theory, but it can only be addressed through honesty and hard work.

How to Attract and Maintain “True Love”

Advice from magazines and websites suggests that finding “the right one” requires us to change, but will the "right one" even recognize the "new you"?

What Part of You Got Lost between Age 18 and Today?

Bravado and confidence are second nature to most teens, but what happens as we grow older?

Duct Tape and WD40 for Relationships

There's a saying that there are only two tools anyone needs in life: duct tape and WD40. Are there tools that basic for relationship maintenance?

Sober New Beginnings and Dry January

There’s pressure to get into the holiday spirit from all corners and there is often unspoken social pressure and friendly encouragement to overindulge in food and drink.

Seeing our Future: Horoscopes & New Year's Resolutions?

Some people suggest that winter is the least auspicious time to make resolutions as the world stands dormant and barren.

7 Ways to Show You Really Care

Stating your feelings aloud builds a relationship. Isn’t it cool that our brains are wired so that when we speak our intentions aloud, we are more eager to live up to our promises?

Our Presence, not Presents, Matters Most

Stop trying to make the holidays perfect . . .

10 Ways to Cope when the Holidays Hurt

f your holiday season is a time of grief and hurt, rather than "comfort and joy," here are 10 suggestions for finding some peace during this time of year.

Creating the Winter Traditions You Need

You can blame your past for the mistakes that you make in life or you can credit your past for making you the adult you have become.

Sisterhood and Friendship in Older Adulthood

Sisters may revel in rivalry in their youth, but it turns out that the bond between sisters can be the most enduring relationship for the long haul.

Mindfulness and the Perfect Gift

The perfect gift doesn't always arrive in a neatly wrapped package with a bow on top.

Single at the Holidays

Winter holidays seem to require a romantic partner -- whether you're snuggled up before a fire, holding hands on the ice skating rink, or buying that overpriced gift!

Going Home for the Holidays — Tragedy or Comedy?

If a family’s drama can’t be handled or the dysfunction runs too deep or lies too close to the surface, keeping your distance may be the only choice. In other cases, do what you can to show how well you’ve turned out — because of, or in spite of, the family that raised you.

5 Resolutions for Enhancing Intimate Relationships

Finding true love is seldom easy, but maintaining it for the long-term can be challenging, too. Here are 5 resolutions that may up your odds in keeping the romance alive.

Be Thankful

Have you hugged yourself yet today?

Do Parents Make Their Children Fat?

Research suggests that it’s not just unhealthy food choices that are putting the pounds on our children; parenting style also has a significant impact on childhood obesity.

Not Everything Happens for a Reason

Loss, suffering, hurt, trauma, these are not things we “get over,” they are things we learn to put into perspective and that become a part of who we are becoming.

Sunday Syndrome: Mourning the Weekend That Got Away

Sunday Syndrome is the term used to describe the psychological distress we experience as we see the tail end of the weekend disappearing as the dawn of a new workweek creeps up that much closer.

When a Friend's "Helpful Comments" Go Too Far

Do you really want your friend to answer the question, "Do these jeans make me look fat?" honestly -- no matter who's around -- or is there a preferred time and place for the "Denim Inquisition" or other "touchy" topics?

Get Emotionally Fit (and Happy) in 4 Easy Steps

The brain is an amazing organ — although its weight is not but a small fraction of a human’s overall heft, it's certainly kept busy dealing with the “weightier” matters in life!

What makes Online Friendships Work?

Can online "friendships with strangers" be as meaningful as face-to-face friendships can be?

The Motherhood Constellation

Does motherhood change how a woman views the world?

3 Ways to Deal With Anger on the Job

Keeping your cool and letting things go may be essential on the job