Why are Some Women Still Afraid to Speak Up?

Observing the behavior of women in groups suggests that women still choose a particular mask to wear depending on the audience.

Self-Improve Yourself Straight to Narcissistic Perfection

When self-actualization leads to self-obsession, maybe it's time to focus on those around us rather than ourselves.

Hero or Victim: How do You Deal With a Crisis?

There are three basic responses to the challenges that come along in life, which one are you?

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media Clutter

The clocks will soon "spring forward" for many of us—that means it's a great time to prepare for the loss of an hour by streamlining your electronic social networks.

7 Promises of Intimacy

Are you ready to flex your world to accommodate the needs of another? That's what is necessary for healthy intimate relationships.

6 Essential Traits of Healthy Intimate Relationships

Healthy relationships require effort -- and that's a large part of what makes them so rewarding.

5 Strategies for Finding Calm in a Turbulent Life

Stress affects us all in different ways; here are five suggested activities to help you escape your own mental combat arena.

Finding Purpose or Chasing Rainbows?

Chasing rainbows is not necessarily a bad thing nor is contemplating the meaning of your life a waste of time.

When an Affectionate Word Makes an Argument Worse

Telling someone how much you love them in the middle of an argument doesn't always have the "cool down effect" you might like.

Brothers & Sisters: The Best Friends You Didn't Know You Had

Learning to get along as well as possible with your siblings can be the ultimate self-help gift as you grow older.

5 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Argument

Sarcasm, kitchen-sink fighting, and defensiveness are just a few of the behaviors that can spoil a potentially productive disagreement with your partner.

Binge Watch your Way to Romantic Bliss

Binge watching an engaging series may help you and your partner avoid the post-holiday, January divorce spike.

10 Tips for Dealing with New Year Grief

It's not easy for many of us when the holidays are hard. Here are 10 suggestions for coping with the new year's arrival.

Dog Ownership, Stress, and Finding Romance

Do dog lovers make better romantic partners?

These Are 7 Things That Men Know About Relationships

Men may be less likely to talk about "deep stuff" with friends, but they know a lot more about relationships than some give them credit for.

3 Holiday Depression Myths

Winter holidays may coincide with mood disorders, but are they linked to suicide?

Give the Best Gift -- A Hug and a Pat on the Back

How do you stay connected to your tribe? An increasing number of us tend to use technology that distances ourselves from friends and family in our efforts to stay connected.

5 Tips for Adult Children of Narcissists

Adult children who do not end the narcissistic cycle through direct action are the ones most likely to perpetuate the detrimental patterns in their own adult relationships.

Growing Up with a Mentally Ill Parent

Growing up with mentally ill parents is never an easy task. Here are 7 tips to help you break the silence with your family members to begin making sense of the past.

8 Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress and Holiday Despair

This November has gotten off to a very rocky start for many of us. There have been huge emotional ups and downs that may be attributed to many different causes.

You Have to Face the Darkness to Fully Appreciate the Light

Changing your self-talk from “woulda, shoulda, coulda,” to “yes, I can” can move you far from the place where you allow your beliefs about the past to constrict your future.

12 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

These 12 common missteps can prevent your from having a satisfying, long-term relationship.

Political Persuasion: Aim for the Heart, Not the Head

So long as a message is emotionally congruent and consistent, both fear and hope can be equally pervasive.

Good Friend or Effective Enabler?

While not every friendship is meant to be a lifelong “BFF to the end” kind of relationship, there are some relationships that aren’t just “casual,” they are downright detrimental!

10 Tips for Friendly Political Discussions

Although some of us like to “root for the underdogs,” most of us still want to be on the winning team. How do you discuss politics with friends who pull for the "other" team?

6 Steps for Dealing With Adult Sibling Rivalry

The most effective way to break the cycle of relentless sibling rivalry is to reset the system.

Crying on the Job: When Anger turns to Tears

Crying on the job is a catch-22; you’re weak if you "tear up" or "break down," but something worse if you "amp up" and "call out" the person who ticked you off.

Is it Time to Unclutter Your Social Network?

Is your circle of friends more like a chaos of clutter?

What's Really Happening When a Narcissist Gives You a Gift

When a narcissist gives you a gift, they are really giving a gift to themselves.

Google vs. Memory: Use It or Lose It

Do you need Google to remind you how to change a tire? Jump start a car? Drive to the Target in the next town? Plan the public transportation route to the museum?