What’s Wrong with a Little Bit of Jealousy?

The surest way to begin the end of a relationship is to fill it with doubt and neediness.

"My Child is an Addict" -- How to Talk and be Heard

Communicating with kids is not always easy. When adult children are battling addiction, it might feel impossible to speak to them in a way that gets through to them.

Your Cheating Heart: Infidelity Rises on February 14

Cheating on Valentine's Day is more common than you might think.

Narcissistic Friends: What’s the Attraction?

Narcissists have the uncanny ability to quickly inspire a sense of admiration and positive energy. It’s only as time goes on that we realize that they have a darker side.

Death Cleaning: Embracing the Art of Döstädning

What exactly is döstädning? Think of it is as cleaning house and letting go of the things that no longer need to be carried.

Happiness and Contentment: Still Not Available in a Pill

Happiness is about the relationships we create, not the possessions we acquire.

Clear the Emotional Clutter: Döstädning, Feng Shui, Kintsugi

We’ve been reading a lot about feng shui for quite some time, but recently, "death cleaning," and kintsugi have caught people's attention.

Intimacy Begins Within

Although establishing intimacy with another person can take significant courage, being open to self-intimacy can be a surprisingly challenging task.

Ten Ways to Become a Better Friend

Most of us want to be liked. Here are some tips on being the kind of person that you yourself would count as a friend.

Today's Relationships Spawn New Terminology for Couples

Does being "breadcrumbed" feel worse than being "stashed"?

10 Tips for Dealing with Depression at the Holidays

Whether you’re battling clinical depression, grief, or just the holiday blues, these suggestions will help you cope.

Gifts That Disappoint: Seven Rules of Gift-Giving Explained

Gifts are given for many occasions throughout the year, but it seems that there are some basic reasons why we inadvertently choose gifts that fail to please the recipient.

Personality Disorders: Symptoms and Signs

Most of us know if we're feeling anxious or depressed; individuals with personality disorders, however, may not even realize that their behaviors are a problem.

Finding Peace and Creating Joy in a World Torn Apart

Peace must begin within if we want to work towards it in the world around us.

When a Man You Know or Love Is the Victim of Partner Abuse

What do you do if a son, a brother, or a friend is the victim of battery by his wife or partner?

Holiday Decorating Is Good for the Soul

The beauty of holiday decorating, though, is that your way – no matter what it is – is the right way for you and your traditions

Do You Dare Talk Politics with Family at Holiday Gatherings?

Decision number 1: Can you avoid talking politics at the holiday table?

The Paradox of Relationship Commitment: Who Holds the Power?

When a relationship starts to go stale, here are some ideas for ramping it back up to speed.

Are More Men “Marrying Up” Today?

Literature is filled with stories of economically disadvantaged women looking to find a mate who was financially able to provide for her; do men do this more often now?

Why Do So Many People Fear Public Speaking?

Is the old saying true that it's better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt?

Confronting Conflict With Friends

Sometimes you have to decide that enough is enough where unhealthy relationships are concerned.

Dying of a Broken Heart?

Both a figurative and a literal broken heart can cause suffering, because our emotional pain can manifest physically.

Narcissism: Know the Signs Before You Date

It's not the "selfie-obsession" that can lead to trouble; it's the narcissist's tendency to be self-obsessed that is the real challenge.

Is Monogamy Still a Thing?

Sexual fidelity and emotional fidelity have typically held different meanings and values for romantic partners based on gender. Is this still true today?

Retreat From the World to Rejuvenate Your Mind

Have you ever completed a task or reached a goal, enjoyed the high of reaching your goal…then a week later, found yourself wondering, “What’s next?”

When Online Friendships Cause Distress

It’s not uncommon for people to establish friendships with individuals who “show up” in online and virtual settings, but are these friendships "real" friendships?

"Too Important" or "Too Needy" to Unplug from Technology?

Is it narcissim or a fear of personal irrelevance that leads us to panic when we have to ignore texts or other instant messaging due to where we're at or what we're doing?

Your Own Personal "American Horror Story"

"American Horror Story" takes it to the extreme, but when our emotional well-being gets threatened, we may develop fears for our physical safety and security.

Toxic Relationships? You Deserve Better!

Here's a quick primer on knowing when and how to let go of toxic relationships.

The Role of Friendship Across the Lifespan

Friendship needs change depending on where you are in the lifespan.