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Bromance and Tribe Identity

Women need to talk about relationships, while men would rather just live them.

The 'Big 3' Keys to Relationship Success

Learning to navigate the “Big 3” relationship deal-makers and to use friendship-cementing behaviors offer a little extra assurance that your love is here to stay.

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3 Ways You Need to Invest in Your Relationship Every Day

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Life May Never Be the Same: Parenting Kids in Recovery

Parenting an adult addict is a difficult path. How different is parenting the recovering adult addict?

Sex: The Pursuit of Immortality at the Cost of Immorality?

Our minds are wired for survival, but what happens when the technology and abundance of contemporary life lead some of us to "eat beyond fullness" in terms of sex, diet, and information?

How to Confront a Friend Who Really Needs It

Sometimes, an all-out “friendervention” is the last hope for that friend in the group whose behavior drives everyone else a little too crazy.

4 Signals a Friendship Has Gone Wrong (and What to Do Next)

Risky relationships won't always pay off!

Should you be Friends and Lovers? You Bet!

Friendship leads to lasting romance and sharing a meal with your beloved may help the flame of romance burn a little brighter.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself when a Friend Lets You Down

We cannot always blame a friend when the bonds of a friendship are broken.

Why Do Women Outlive Men?

If women are the "weaker sex," how do they manage to outlive men?

4 Keys to Happiness

Happiness is not about what you need from others, it is really about what you are willing to give to others.

How to Escape a Master Manipulator

The best way to handle the manipulative people in our lives is to become less manipulatable. We are only as easily manipulated as we choose to be – manipulators make us feel good when we bend to their needs.

It's a Step, Not a Stop, on your Journey

Savor every single step of the journey for what it is . . . . a step, not your final "stop."

17 Minutes a Day?

How many minutes is too many minutes to spend focused on your cellphone?

Bouncing Back From Getting Dumped in 3 Easy Steps

It’s normal to need to re-validate your potential as a lover and a partner, but remember that every relationship is not meant to last forever and that every new relationship is a new beginning that does not have to yield to the self-same ending.

5 Tips for the Parents of Teens Who Make Rudeness an Art

The topic of teens' social behaviors never seem to lose their popularity, but many recent reports suggest that teen rudeness is increasing. What can parents do to bring their adolescents' behavior back in line?

5 Tips for Taming the #MeanScreens and Your Child

Rude and difficult teenagers may be simply practicing the skills their parents have allowed to take root. If a child grows up interacting in a private, virtual world more often than interacting one-on-one with family, a whole slew of social skills and social learning will be missed.

#Love Wins . . . Marriage Equality Is for Real

It's about love and equality. That's about as simple as it can get.

5 Perks of Being Less Popular Than Your Friends

Basking in the reflected limelight of a more popular friend isn't always a bad thing.

The LGBT Family Blender

Can a mother or father come out as gay and maintain the love and respect of spouse and kids?

A Virtual Identity Crisis in the Making

So, what's your avatar look like?

7 Reasons for Gay & Lesbian Couples to Celebrate

Rainbow weddings and "Mr. & Mr." or "Mrs. & Mrs." events are a growing phenomenon -- but keeping the relationship strong is equally challenging regardless of the gender identity of the couple!

13 Red Flags of Potentially Toxic Friendships

While most of us know at some level that a relationship has turned toxic, we may have a hard time admitting that we have made a poor choice in placing our trust in another.