Toxic Friends Who Take More Than They Give

Whether you think in terms of the Golden Rule, karma, or Law of Threefold, how we treat others greatly influences how we, ourselves, are treated.

You're Okay . . . That's All You Need to Remember

The desire and expectations you have for your own personal growth should be tempered by the acknowledgement that you are okay and that you, alone, know yourself best.

13 Ways to Be Friendship Savvy

How does your Friendship Quotient measure up? Here are 13 key personal traits that strongly influence friendship quality.

True Love or Outdated Obligation?

When you feel yourself falling out of love, here are three questions that might help you determine the long-term prognosis for the relationship.

Spring Break Thrills at Any Age

Spring Break is not just about the college kids -- all of us deserve a break from routine.

Instant Romance is Just a Click Away

From fast food to same day shipping, we have come to expect that everything in life—even intimate relationships—are available at the click of a key. Unfortunately, interpersonal chemistry in a face-to-face meet-up is still the deal breaker or maker in potential relationships.

Do You Need a Friendship Cleanse?

A friendship cleanse can leave you feeling lighter and happier when you let go of the people who just weigh you down.

3 Signs It’s Time for a Friendship Break-Up

Knowing when it is time to let go of a friendship is a matter of personal preference, but there are 3 sure-fire signs that the relationship leaves you cold.

Intimate Partner Abuse: Walk Away Before the Cycle Starts

We should never live in fear of the people who say they love us.

Ending Relationship Addiction

Relationship addictions may require going "cold turkey," as it is hard to stop smoking if you have a lit cigarette in your hand.

3 Tips for Better Rebound Relationships

Have patience with yourself or your friends, if a rebound relationship is on the radar.

Crucial Connections: Friendships in Older Adulthood

Wisdom may come with age, but well-being will flourish if friends are in the picture, too.

Leading From the Heart

What makes a good leader and can we learn those skills as adults?

Who's to Blame for Toxic Relationships?

The first step in detoxifying your life is figuring out whether the negative influence is you, your friend, or the relationship.

Self-Compassion: Don't Let a Break-Up Bring You Down

Self-compassion is important when a relationship ends. Even if you cannot fix a broken relationship, you can take the lessons learned and build new and more successful relationships as you move forward.

Why You Need to Feed Your Hunger for Contact

Scientists prove what humans knew all along, hugs heal.

Secrets of the “Best Decisions” You Can Make

Accepting that you are doing the best that you can is the key to accepting and embracing even those decisions that you might like to regret.

5 Secrets of Successful Couples

Finding true love is seldom easy, but maintaining it for the long-term can be challenging, too. Here are 5 easy practices that may up your odds in keeping the romance alive.

Last Minute Gifts for Your Love that Last a Lifetime

Fancy gifts and pricey presents may seem appealing, but daily gifts of time and attention pay off better in the long term in promoting relationship satisfaction.

5 Ways to Grow Your Charisma

Is charisma something that you have to be born with or is it something you can cultivate? Research suggests that anyone can develop their ability to project charisma, if they are willing to do the personal work required.

Gift Ideas for Your Daughter: The Best Gifts Are Free

Keeping the risks of holiday burnout in mind, here is a list of “gifts” that parents can offer their daughters not just during the fever pitch of December holidays, but throughout the year. The best part is that these gifts pay off big in return dividends that last a lifetime as you raise a responsible, mature, and appreciative daughter.

Five Signs of a Closet Workaholic

Unfortunately, the recent avalanche of advances in communication technology has created increasingly effective antidotes to “family time.”

Letting Go of a Relationship with Gratitude

Even when a relationship has run its course, chewed you up, and spat you out, there is still the possibility for taking positive lessons from the experience.

5 Ways to Grow from Your Mistakes

Ruminating over past mistakes limits both your satisfaction with the present and your hopes for the future.

Solitude Can Enhance Your Relationships

Making time to be on your own within the safety net of community allows for both personal and relational growth that always being “one of the herd” might never allow.

5 Hard Truths About Breakups

Eventually, the loss will begin to feel more like your history, not your present.

5 Truths about Marriage

Our cultural landscape suggests that marriage is the “next step” for any couple who enjoys a strong and satisfying physical attraction, sparkling conversations, and likes the same type of pets. Unfortunately, marriages built on physical attraction are not likely to survive long term. Marriage is not easy and marriage is not always “fun.”

7 Tips for Mothers of Adult Addicts

If you are the mother of an adult child who is not making the choices that are necessary for a sound future, this can be a heavier burden than any of the earlier ones you carried when your child was younger. When these choices include substance abuse or addiction, the burden and self-blame can be especially heavy.

4 Easy Steps for Kindling a Friendship

Friendships that happen in an instant are awesome, but there many friendships will develop much more slowly and become just as awesome over time.

How to Cope with a Gossip at Work

Everyone enjoys a juicy piece of gossip every now and then, but gossip at work can create unexpected challenges. Here are some tips for dealing with the scandalmongers in your office.