Water, Water, Everywhere

Water: is it free or something you buy? Where do you get your water? Where does it come from? Thinking about the answers to these questions can be more than just about quenching our thirst.

Choosing Consciously

Simplification entails pairing down the complexity of life and focusing on what matters; each decision is made intentionally and individuals strive to keep their lives in balance. In order to strike this balance, individuals seek to connect everyday decisions to their deeper desires for a specific kind of lifestyle.
Self, Society, and Our Stuff

Self, Society, and Our Stuff

In our increasingly consumer-driven culture it seems important to consider the significance of our material possessions and how they might shape our lives. According to various authors on the topic and individuals engaged in simple living, it appears that an integral part of the simple living lifestyle includes thinking through the importance of and our relations to things

Creating Small, Environmentally Friendly Living Spaces

The tiny house movement has been developing quietly over the past decade and can teach us new tactics and tricks for sustainable living.