One week before Thanksgiving Day, I was walking the track at the gym. Feeling somewhat sad and worried, I was brought alive by a 10-year-old girl who appeared at my side. I spoke only enough to keep my young guru talking. She stopped me in my no longer so sad and worried tracks. Gratitude takes over when you let it. Here is the heart of Mia's story in her own words. I have nothing to add, except Happy Thanksgiving.

“I’m here because I’m home-schooled and like to get exercise in the middle of the day. I love history the most, learning about all the things that happened way back when. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of my favorite books and I think hard a lot about how the Holocaust could have happened. Do you? After my dad died, my mom married her high school sweetheart. I’m the only kid at home now because my brothers are all grown. My “gotcha day” is coming up, the day that my parents officially adopted me and brought me home from China. I was found on a sidewalk in a cardboard box when I was one-day-old. I lived in an orphanage for just ten months so I don’t remember it. But guess what?! I met my crib mate not too long ago. She was adopted around the same time and my parents arranged for us to get together. I love her! If I hadn’t been adopted, we would be taking care of the newborns at the orphanage now, and I’m sure we would be best friends. It would be fine.

One time I walked four miles on this track. I was just singing so loud that I forgot about everything. I’m walking normally now, but it was hard at first because my heels were cut way short in the orphanage. Really, I don’t actually have heels. See, look right here at my shoe. But when I think about my life I am so full of thanks that I want to give the best thing I can to the world. Well, I think the best thing would be if I could become a writer. Just think, finding good words and sending them out to as many people as possible, making them glad. The thing is, though, my hand starts to cramp when I write for a long time. Also, I get so excited after I write an essay that feels just right that sometimes I forget to save it on the computer. Haha, guess I’ll have to figure it out.

You have to go? What’s your name, by the way? I loved talking to you. Bye, I’m going to get back to my walking now.”

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Marietta McCarty

Marietta McCarty is the author of Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy With Kids and How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas That Matter Most.

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