What's the Best Country in the World for Your Mental Health?

What country is best for your mental health?

How You Can Change Your Fate

The next 10 days can alter your fate.

How to Become a Mindful Traveler

How to develop a traveler's mindset and become a mindful traveler.

Steve Jobs: The Good, The Bad, and the Really Ugly

Was Steve Jobs a charismatic genius or an icy tyrant? You decide.

The Dutchess Awaits You

If you are anywhere near New York City, you must meet the Dutchess.

People Who Make Others Go Crazy

How someone can be driven by others to descend into madness

How Worries Dissolve at the City of the Gods

How Worries Dissolve When You Visit the City of the Gods.
Paul Ross, used with permission

Life Lessons I Learned From Ants

Instead of killing ants, talk to them. It really works.

What Makes You Cry?

Why you cry may not be because you are unhappy.

What Does it Feel Like to Be the Victim of a Hate Crime?

How does it feel to be the victim of a hate crime?

What Buying a Car Reveals About You

The way you purchase a car tells a lot about who you really are.

The President and Your Mental Health

Is the election impacting your mental health?

Can You Take This Pledge For Peace?

Can you take this pledge of peace?

A Different Way to Meet Your Beloved

There is a very unusual way to meet your beloved.

A Really, Really Remote Place on Earth

A place on earth where you can leave it all behind

True Confession: The Dark Side of Travel

Like dark matter, and dark internet, there is a dark side of travel.

Yes, You Can Communicate with the Dead

How you can communicate with the dead.
Paul Ross, with permission

Transform Your Life with Glass?

It is surprising to discover that glass can change your life.

What I Learned from a Huichol Shaman

What I learned from a Huichol shaman that changed the way I look at life.

You Are A Genius If You Can Answer These Questions

If you can answer these questions, you are a genius.

A Place Where There is Absolutely Nothing to Do

What happens if you are in a place where there is nothing to do.

Stones Hold Secrets to the Past

At a remote site in New Mexico, you can time travel to the distant past.
The Lensic, with permission

Inside a World Without Women

A rare look inside a world where there are only men.

What People Really Think of Us

Read this is you really want to know what people think of us.

Laughing at Death

A different way to look at loss and death.

What You Can Do About Terrorism

Ten things you can personally do about terrorism.

The Question You May Not Know How to Ask

Sometimes it is really awkward to ask a question.

Do You Perceive Things The Way They Really Are?

The way you see life is not necessarily the way life is for others.

Do You Really Feel For Other People?

Have you lost your capacity to feel deeply for others?

Is Luxury Good or Bad for You?

Our culture seems to crave luxury--but is it good for you?