Beware the Masks of Addiction

If we sacrifice our truth for the sake of the mask’s persona, then the illusion of the mask begins to drive our perception, choices, and relationships.

Opioid Addiction: Is This a War We Can Win?

Those who are familiar with “recovery from addiction” know that solving the crisis requires action. The battle lines are clear; it’s time to take a stand.

Older Adults and Mental Health

While many older Americans are embracing an entirely new attitude toward aging, many are still caught up in the stigma and isolation of our attitudes around mental health.

Recovery Is Not Immune From the Effects of Trauma

My work as a clinical psychologist has led me to understand that trauma may account for the lions’ share of recoverable substance abuse and behavioral health disorders.

Focus on Older Adults: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May 16 - 22 is Older Adult Mental Health Week. Depression, elder abuse and substance abuse/addiction are compromising the health and well-being of our older adult population.

A Toxic Coupling: Codependence & Drug Addiction

"Intervention Codependent" exposes the dual addiction of drug use & codependancy. Interventionist, Kristina Wandzilak claims "Behind every addict is an equally great codependent".

Lessons on Addiction: Learned and Not Yet Learned

Even away from reality show lights, Lamar Odom could not escape the glare of public scrutiny. Although there are well documented facts about the disease of addiction, which are important topics of discussion on television shows to make the public aware, that, in and of itself, is not a license to speculate or surmise facts about ndividuals who suffer from addiction.

Is Fame Really Worth Risking Mental Health?

I would not have predicted the stranglehold it Reality TV would come to have on “entertainment” today. It wasn’t a bad notion to use TV to shed light on the human condition. However, as a PsyD and LCSW, I know that whenever human beings are pitted against each other in a public forum, it triggers instincts and unpredictable behavior in them.

Peace Is An Achievable Goal

“Peace” is a prevalent theme this time of year. “Peace on Earth”, “World Peace”, etc. are lofty ideals that we aspire to because they connect us with others outside of ourselves. However, neither can ever be achieved without each us first developing “Inner Peace” or “Peace of Mind” - yes, that’s where it all begins!

Emotional Safety: What Does It Really Mean?

I am enamored by this quote from the author, Anais Nin, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”. Truer words were never spoken when it comes to embracing our own emotional safety as caregivers, the topic for this month’s self care offering.

There's No Excuse for Elder Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that one to two million Americans over the age of 65 have experienced some form of abuse at the hands of a caregiver. Exact figures are hard to come by, because many incidents of abuse go unreported. Elder abuse comes in many forms. If you suspect that an elderly person is at risk, SPEAK UP! It's the only way to break the cycle.
Nutrition for Your Mind and Body

Nutrition for Your Mind and Body

When I hear the word “nutrition,” I automatically think of food for the body; giving my body the proper nutrition to function at its best. However, in the realm of self care, nutrition is also necessary for the mind and even the spirit. The nutrients are different, but the concept is the same. So let’s continue with some food for thought.

Self Care and the Happy Heart

In keeping with our theme of self care, it is time to celebrate National Heart Month. So, yes, we’re going to talk about love; self love. Self love is not at all about being self-centered in a selfish, “all about me” way. It’s really about honoring our feelings (even when they are not facts) and striving to take time and care for ourselves THEN take care of others

Self Care – Don’t Leave Your Self on the Shelf!

It seems that our ever moving, faster and faster paced culture has created in us the notion that taking care of ourselves is a bad thing; in fact, a very selfish thing to do.

Necessary Conversations in Caregiving - Part 1

How do you begin talking to your loved one about the need for more or different care?

Please Allow Mindy to Rest in Peace

The exploitive media frenzy surrounding the tragic death of Mindy McCready need not have happened. The confidential details of someone's medical chart should never be exposed for the media to sensationalize. Those professionals who divulged the depths of Mindy's pain showed little compassion by doing so . There are patient rights under HIPAA. Do you know what they are?

It's Time to Bring Mental Illness Out of the Shadows

Kathleen Sebalius, Secretary of Health & Human Services says, "...we are still a country that frequently confines conversations about mental health to the far edges of our discourse...This is a culture we all contribute to. And it's one that all of us ... need to help change if we want to reduce to reduce the tragic burden of untreated mental health conditions."

Life In the Recovery Room For Someone With Asperger Syndrome

We have descended into the world of psychopharmacology, acting as if simply taking a pill could really make a comprehensive and qualitative difference in someone's life. If we do not wake up and take action to reform the therapeutic context in which we deal with the mentally ill, they will continue to make headlines and we, as a society, will continue to pay the price.
Deciding the Future of Healthcare and Self-Care

Deciding the Future of Healthcare and Self-Care

Perhaps the most important question for each of us to ask ourselves is: “What kind of healthcare delivery and support system do I want in this country for myself, my kids and my grandkids?"

An Angel on This Earth, Enjoying Life a Day at a Time

This blog entry is dedicated to my friend and healthcare hero, Amy Berman, a pioneer in the world of caregiving and a force to be reckoned with in foundation grant making. Amy does for Palliative Care what the healthcare industry has failed to do for itself.
Caregiving in the Shadows

Caregiving in the Shadows

We know that the American Caregiver is an underserved population very capable and waiting to be educated, empowered and engaged in America's healthcare solutions. Possibly, the most underserved of this population are LGBT caregivers: This an article about a special mission to create awareness, diversity and Inclusion by getting involved and voting.

A Holiday Heads Up! Eight Tips for Caregivers for This Season

Once again, the holidays are here. So many see such excitement, hope and celebration. However for caregivers, hope does not always spring eternal without careful planning. Here are some imporatent tips by a Caregiving Expert who wants nothing more than for you to enjoy the holidays. Become educated, empowered and engaged this holiday season.

It's Family Caregiver Month and Alzheimers Awareness Month

Its odd that we celebrate Family Caregiver Month and Alzheimer's Awareness Month in the same month. The theme we need to take away from this pairing is that each of our loved ones feel safer, stronger and on two feet when we learn how to take care of ourselves.
Betty Ford- A Hero Remembered During Recovery Month

Betty Ford- A Hero Remembered During Recovery Month

A tribute to Betty Ford--a woman who changed the way America thinks about the disease of addiction and the pandemic of co-addiction. Thank you for bringing peace to this earth while you now rest in peace.

When Will We Ever Learn? Addictions and Elder Abuse; the Coming Pandemic

Real Health Care Reform.....Addictions! Abuse! Seniors! Oh My! If the concept of senior addictions cannot be grasped, it is time for us to see the tie in with the Tsunami of elder abuse that this country is currently experiencing.

What Will You Be Doing at 3 PM on Monday?

Will you observe the National Moment of Remembrance?

America's Voyeurism and America's Escape from Self

Lindsay, Miguel, Charlie and Brittany, O' My! America; Heal Thyself. America is hypnotized by radio, reality and ravenous attention paid to other people's mental health. Celebrities are easy targets but while we point and laugh, are we not missing teachable moments with ourselves, our children and our culture.

Professional Caregiver: Heal Thyself!

Family caregivers are overwhelmed and underappreciated. I am preaching to the choir when I say that. As we talk about the "sanwich generation" or the "club sandwich" generation should not we also be aiming our attention back to the mirror an be speaking about "The Clinical Sandwich" generation, as well?

Caregivers in Recovery- A Place of Strength and Hope

 Caregivers In Recovery-

Reality TV: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire?

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."-Albert Einstein Reality on Public Trial...Again In the past several weeks, I have been interviewed by the New York Times, the LA Times, Yahoo’s Shine and the online Hollywood staple, The Wrap, concerning recent disturbing events connected to reality television shows and the genre in general