Do I know what I am here to do? Is my purpose driven by something I heard from someone else or from a divine spirit or a feeling inside? Am I living a life struggling to achieve what someone else - parent, friends, boss, or coach - told me what my purpose was/is ?

This has been a question for practically anybody who has searched for life's deeper meaning, because so often others actually do have other agendas that influence us. Even if they have great intentions, they have agendas for us that may have nothing to do with our innate abilities or spiritual calling.  My parents didn't say, "Our son will grow up to be an author, teacher, speaker, singer etc."  I was supposed to become a dentist!  Throughout my childhood I heard, "You are going to be a dentist, our own family dentist."  They meant well; their dream was that I wouldn't have to work as hard as they did.  Like many children, I didn't want to disappoint them, but I disliked biology and chemistry classes, and knew dentistry wasn't my life's path.  It took courage to tell them I was majoring in communications and not pre-med.  I had to reject their ideas of how my life should be and follow my own inner voice.  That wasn't easy, but I am glad sure glad that I did.

Knowing Your Life's Purpose From The Inside Out

.  I find that when we "embody" our purpose, and feel it alive inside of our whole being, not just our mind, then we are truly connected to it, and that's when it takes hold in our life.

Our bodies are rich with feelings and incredible wisdom, and our spiritual nature accesses higher wisdom.  Our life's purpose is the thread that connects all three.  Our minds only rest easily and think clearly when they are aligned with our body and our spiritual nature too.  I used to try to "find my purpose" just through thinking and talking myself into action, but my body and spirit just weren't in harmony with my thoughts.  My mind desired something, but something inside of me didn't.  Or my instincts said to do something, but my mind stopped it.  Many times I procrastinated or held myself back when fear arose.  As powerful as our mind is, in order to "know" our life's purpose, it's important to stay aware of how it sometimes overrides what our body and spirit are trying to tell us.  Listening to my body and its feelings, and trusting my inner voice and instincts, always led me to the right place at the right time, and my life's purpose has always gotten clearer and stronger every time I did.

As we get closer to the re-birth of Spring, I suggest asking the question often, "What is my purpose right now?". Then, breathe and notice what you see, hear or feel.  Follow it.

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