Many years ago I heard the phrase "Fake it till you make it" and was always intrigued by it. It's the kind of phrase that can be interpreted and analyzed in many ways. Although I get the power of speaking as if you already have what you want in your life I, like many others, have had problems with the word fake, which is defined as an imposter or sham.

I know the person who said it had the intention to motivate people to act as if they already had achieved the goals they desire, as a method to enroll others to believe in them or their service, but nowadays, with all of the deceit and exposes in the daily news, any form of "spin" doesn't feel good.

Try this twist! If the word fake bothers you, how about a more authentic mantra to help you feel confident in presenting yourself; "Faith it till you make it". So many times I know my faith in my purpose and my abilities have gotten me to continue to stay positive and take actions towards fulfilling dreams, even after feeling rejected. It takes a lot to stay inspired and on course towards life goals; like sharing and succeeding with your art, new business idea, or attracting a great partner.

Faith is defined as having confidence or trust in something or someone. When you "faith it till you make it", then you don't need to be an imposter. You instead have faith in who you are, and what you offer, and that energy exudes and broadcasts so clearly that you magnetize what you want naturally.

Take a few moments to focus on something you want to create in your life.

First, are you telling others or is it just an inner desire?

Next, do you talk about it in a positive assured manner or a defeated or negative way?

How much faith do you have in creating your desires?

If you're not faith-ing it till you make it, what action can you take or support do you need to get your confidence and belief quotient up?

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