Media Coverage Can Change Minds

Identifying as American may be a key factor in how you respond to coverage of Trump's policies.

A Gameplan for Combating Oppression

How work on race can inform efforts to combat class divisions.

What Role Does Dehumanization Play in Human Cruelty?

How are we supposed to square the humanizing conception of those targeted for oppression with the dehumanizing and othering tendencies that feed the motivation to oppress?

The Psychological Roots of Trumpism

Downward Comparison Theory helps to explain some of Trump's unwavering support.

A Snapshot of America in 2017

A new poll about Americans' attitudes about race suggests cause for concern and raises some tough questions.

Misremembering American History

Do you know your American history? Your reaction to current events may reveal some surprising blind spots.

Why Trump's Comments About Charlottesville Matter

Trump's choice not to immediately denounce white supremacists for their views and their violence was dangerous.

Does Google Know Your True Self?

Does your online behavior give a more accurate picture of you than your offline behavior? A new book raises some philosophical puzzles about the "true self."

What Can We Learn from Body Cameras?

We now have data to back up the widespread claim that not all drivers are treated equally.

Why Social Stigma Matters (Children's Edition)

Children are invoking Trump while engaging in bigoted harassment of classmates. What does this tell us about the role the current political climate plays in shaping our behavior?

Why Social Stigma Matters

Hate crimes are on the rise. New research helps to explain why.

Why it Pays to Be Rich (in More Ways Than One)

Rich Americans continue to live longer. And this means they collect more government benefits. What should we do about it?

The Dangers of Dehumanization

Dehumanization results in a vicious cycle and is associated with hostile behavior.

For Those Who Want to Ring in the Fourth Millennium

How much would your personality change if you lived for a thousand years? And how much would it matter?

Might Trump's Chickens Be Coming Home to Roost?

There is reason to think Trump's immigration ban may cause widespread backlash against his administration.

Racism in the Heart?

What the confirmation battle for Trump's nominee for Attorney General can teach us about racism and how to fight it.

The New Normal

The psychology of normality supports recent liberal concerns about the normalization of prejudiced attitudes and behavior.

Shaun King’s Timeline

We need to understand what is happening around America right now.

Election Post-Mortem

What my students taught me today about America and the election.

Why Louisiana Defendants Say, "Geaux Tigers!"

Two economists suggest a surprising source of racial bias in juvenile sentencing.

Forecasting November

Does new research into how we think of others suggest a Trump bump or Clinton defeat?

Trump's Republic

A look at what Trump's candidacy tells us about our country, and ourselves.

Teaching AI to Think Like Us

Does AI threaten human existence? Perhaps not, but it's complicated.

Dying to Tell a Good Story

Sometimes meaningful stories are what we really want.