What is This Thing Called Love?

Poets, songwriters, and earnest lovers have been trying to explain romantic love for thousands of years.

Avoiding Violence

Studies suggest that most violence is caused by hidden humiliation.

Why Meditation Is a Great Idea

This page 1. of a long paper suggests that meditation can help everyone. A well-known division of the self is described: a highly aware but hidden part, and a virtually automated visible part.

Forbidden Knowledge

Learning about yourself and others.

Genuine Pride Does NOT Goeth Before the Fall

Pride is the opposite of shame (I feel rejected). We can’t get along without it as a part of love. Must we call it PRIDE to make the point?

Anger Management

The next time you are ready to blow your top, try this.

School Killing Sprees

Modern societies have made many gains based on individualism and emphasis on thought and the material world. But it appears that this combination may have had unfortunate effects on the nature of our social-emotional dealings: widespread alienation and mishandling of emotions. These two faults may be causes of violence.

The Poetry of Fear

All emotions are like breathing: they become negative only when obstructed.

Ending Impasse

How much of research has been creative?

Anger Yoga

Like other emotions, anger is more complex than is usually thought.

Two Meanings of Pride

Can pride be a good thing?

5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Presidents

Men can often do well in deciding everyday matters, like buying a car or a house, but women possess unique strengths that make them better leaders overall.

8 Small Steps Toward Happiness

8 Simple steps to help get you on the highway to happiness

Have a Good Yawn

Most people seem to be quite sure they understand yawning, but what if it was our body's natural way of resolving the physical tension associated with illness?

A Taboo on Sex and Shame?

There seems to be a taboo on shame in modern societies.

Treatment of PTSD

Since suicide rates among on-duty military and veterans keep increasing, a better treatment for PTSD may be needed.

Hidden Emotions in Withdrawal and Silence

Why I don't complain when I am unhappy.

Why We are Creatures of Routine

My practice of meditation has suggested to me a new way of looking at routine.

Emotions and Depression

Finding hidden emotions, facing intense ones.

Fear: Fun on a Rollercoaster

Can fear be fun? Suppose that fear (and other emotions) are states of BODILY arousal. Just as sexual feelings involve bodily arousal for orgasm.

Up in the Air: Shall We Dance?

 Choosing alienation or love.


 Modern societies teach us to hide our feelings, a habit we must unlearn.

Can fear and grief be pleasurable?

 Happy while crying or shaking with fear?

Social Treatment of Mental Illness

 Does it take a village to care for the mentally ill?

Enjoy Your Emotions, Part II

Bearable fear, embarrassment, anger, and  physical pain?