Throat Clearing May Indicate Deception

Throat clearing along with an Adam’s apple jump indicates stress and anxiety.

Forgiveness Goes Beyond Three Words

Forgiveness is not a feeling; forgiveness is an action.

Three Question Management

Three Question Management is a simple method to manage people in the workplace, social situations, as well as children at home.

A Trump/Christie Ticket

Based what Trump said or, in this case, how he said it, a Trump/Christie ticket is inevitable.

Brendan Dassey Told the Truth - Period

Clear thinking people can accept that Brendan Dassey and Stephen Avery are guilty of the brutal rape and murder of Teresa Halbach.

The Naked Truth About "Making a Murderer"

The “what if game” taken to the logical conclusion would require every person to wear a fire extinguisher in the event that they might spontaneously combust one day.

Um... Little Words Can Signal Big Lies... You Know

The little words people use can detect deception

Detecting Deception by Observing Hand-to-Face Touching

In an effort to reduce the stress, liars increase hand-to-face touching.

Why People Like Trump

To reject Trump is to render the dreams of most Americans meaningless.

Simple Techniques to Become a better Negotiator

The sad truth is most people will lie to cover known faults in items they are selling.

Philotimo: A Greek Word Without Meaning but Very Meaningful

Philotimo encompasses the concepts of pride in self, pride in family, and pride in community.

The Hope of Winning Trumps the Fear of Losing

People who hope to succeed realize that failure is an inevitable part of the process.

Dogs Can Predict Human Personality Traits

The symbiotic relationship between dogs and their owners has developed to the point where dogs can predict personality traits.

Do You Have the Personality to Drive an Indy Car?

Driving at over 200 miles per hour around an oval track requires not only a well-tuned engine, but also a driver with the right personality.

How Our Lips Speak Louder Than Our Words

No one can read minds, but you can come close by observing nonverbal gestures.

Facebook Friends and Attraction

People who spend excessive time on Facebook are often seen as more introverted.

Self-disclosures Increase Attraction

The sense of closeness increases if self-disclosures are emotional rather than factual.

Use Curiosity to Hook New Friends

“Curiosity hooks” act as silent invitations for people to initiate conversations.

Making Friends is Easier Than You Think

Applying The Golden Rule of Friendship is quick, easy, and it works.

Why Our Negative First Impressions Are So Powerful

Introverts view extroverts as arrogant, overconfident, brash, and pushy, while extroverts see introverts as quiet, nerdy, insecure, and socially inept.

Why President Obama’s Likeability Quotient is Tumbling

Hope is the fuel that keeps the light of life burning. Change transforms hope into reality.

9 Subtle Signs That Someone's Lying to You

People often miss subtle nonverbal cues that indicate deception.

Love is a One Way Street

Becoming a loving person is easy when we keep our focus on others and not on ourselves.

Words That Sell

Good listening skills alone do not guarantee sales.

Future in the Past: Deception in the Present

"Future in the Past" is a sophisticated deception technique wherein liars tell the truth, but they are actually lying.

Reflected Selfies

Selfies are obnoxious and self-serving. Reflected selfies achieve the same goal but with style, class, and finesse.

Just the Bat of an Eye

Eye blink rate has been shown to be an effective nonverbal cue to detect deception.

Cowering Behind the Walls of Political Correctness

Instead of relying on political correctness for emotional protection, parents should allow their children to build egos and self-esteems the old fashioned way.

Cracking the Rose Code

Don't stop and smell the roses. Instead, buy some and give them to someone you love.

How to Detect a Liar

Liars maintain more deliberate eye contact than do truthful people.