Self-disclosures Increase Attraction

The sense of closeness increases if self-disclosures are emotional rather than factual.

Use Curiosity to Hook New Friends

“Curiosity hooks” act as silent invitations for people to initiate conversations.

Making Friends is Easier Than You Think

Applying The Golden Rule of Friendship is quick, easy, and it works.

Why Our Negative First Impressions Are So Powerful

Introverts view extroverts as arrogant, overconfident, brash, and pushy, while extroverts see introverts as quiet, nerdy, insecure, and socially inept.

Why President Obama’s Likeability Quotient is Tumbling

Hope is the fuel that keeps the light of life burning. Change transforms hope into reality.

9 Subtle Signs That Someone's Lying to You

People often miss subtle nonverbal cues that indicate deception.

Love is a One Way Street

Becoming a loving person is easy when we keep our focus on others and not on ourselves.

Words That Sell

Good listening skills alone do not guarantee sales.

Future in the Past: Deception in the Present

"Future in the Past" is a sophisticated deception technique wherein liars tell the truth, but they are actually lying.

Reflected Selfies

Selfies are obnoxious and self-serving. Reflected selfies achieve the same goal but with style, class, and finesse.

Just the Bat of an Eye

Eye blink rate has been shown to be an effective nonverbal cue to detect deception.

Cowering Behind the Walls of Political Correctness

Instead of relying on political correctness for emotional protection, parents should allow their children to build egos and self-esteems the old fashioned way.

Cracking the Rose Code

Don't stop and smell the roses. Instead, buy some and give them to someone you love.

How to Detect a Liar

Liars maintain more deliberate eye contact than do truthful people.

To Catch a Liar, Ask the Right Question

Volatile Conundrums test the truthfulness of others without them knowing their veracity is being tested.

Buy Your Wife a Vacuum Cleaner for Christmas

I can’t wait to see the look on my wife's face when she opens her present on Christmas morning.

Talk is Cheap; Effective Communication is Priceless

Communication styles can be easily identified through observation and by asking a few questions.

When Good Intentions Go Bad

Egos have hurt more people and have torpedoed more good ideas than there are stars in the sky.

Follow Your Heart, Not the Opinions of Others

The definition of beauty ascribed by society, family members, and friends often taints our perception of beauty.

A Politically Incorrect Examination of the Human Nose

Some of my best friends have nose names, but they don't know it.

Don't Burst My Bubble

With each leap in technology, people become more and more isolated.

Truth Bias

Truth Bias provides liars with an advantage because people want to believe what they hear, see, or read.

Look at People's Feet to Make Friends

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the feet are the gateway to friendship.

She's Hot and Smart, He's Handsome and Intelligent

A genuine complement is not an invitation to carnal knowledge.

How to Catch a Liar, Even on the Phone

Without visual cues, detecting deception over the telephone is difficult, but not impossible.

Catphish or Caviar

Demanding a visual meeting early in an Internet relationship is a simple, yet effective technique to avoid being hooked by a catphish.

A Simple Way to Reduce Conflict in Relationships

Many people simply do not want to expend the effort required to carefully listen to others, especially loved ones.

Odd Facts About Kissing

The average person spends about 20,160 minutes of his or her life kissing.

Get Things Done - Get a Verbal Commitment

A verbal commitment in nonlegal matters is as good as having it in writing.

Word Mines

The politically correct world in which we live is a dangerous place strewn with word mines.