How to Build Rapport to Increase Sales

Using empathic statements, empathic presumptives, and empathic conditionals create a win-win.

Looped Linear Thinking

Perhaps millennials should adapt and not the other way around.

Detecting Deception Is Possible, but Not Easy

Liars sometimes say and do things that make them look truthful, and truthful people sometimes say and do things that make them look deceptive.

Parents Teach Their Children to Lie

The teaching process is subtle but just as effective as if they had sent their children to formal classes in deception.

The Code of Trust

Trust can be built on five basic principles.

Social Media is the End Result Not the Cause

Garage door openers took away the last vestiges of neighborly contact.

Techniques Retailers Use to Entice Shoppers

Retailers use a wide variety of psychological strategies to entice shoppers to buy products.

Not All Smiles Project the Same Image

Custom make your smiles to ensure you send the right message.

Eyebrows May Flash Veracity

Eyebrow flash rate determines the difference between a friendly eyebrow flash and a deceptive eyebrow flash.

Dating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

If you are with an extrovert, expect the unexpected to come out of his or her mouth.

5 Ways to Become a Better Negotiator

Contrary to what most people think, everything is negotiable.

5 Signs to Know If Your Significant Other's Parents Like You

Subtle cues can differentiate expected good manners and politeness from genuine liking.

Broken Heart Syndrome

It is not uncommon for spouses who have been married for decades to die within hours or days of one another.

Happiness Without Sadness Has No Meaning

The intensity of happiness can only be measured by the intensity of sadness.

Nonverbal Cues That Signal Rapport

Nonverbal cues that signal when rapport has been established are often overlooked.

5 Things People Commonly Say When They're Lying

When you're having important conversations, here's how to be mindful of potential deception.

People Will Like You if You Make Them Laugh

Couples who share laughter experience more satisfying long-term relationships.

Protecting Yourself From Digital Predators

Not all people you digitally communicate with are predators, but all predators use the same communication skills to develop a relationship with you as do sincere people.

5 Ways to Tell That Someone Likes You

Observing a few nonverbal cues instantly lets you know if someone likes you or not.

Could the FBI Have Prevented the Orlando Massacre?

As long as we are a free people, we will have incidents like the massacre at Orlando.

The Universal Principles of Criminal Behavior

Police can prevent crime because criminal acts follow predictable sequence of activities.

Throat Clearing May Indicate Deception

Throat clearing along with an Adam’s apple jump indicates stress and anxiety.

Forgiveness Goes Beyond Three Words

Forgiveness is not a feeling; forgiveness is an action.

Three Question Management

Three Question Management is a simple method to manage people in the workplace, social situations, as well as children at home.

A Trump/Christie Ticket

Based what Trump said or, in this case, how he said it, a Trump/Christie ticket is inevitable.

Brendan Dassey Told the Truth - Period

Clear thinking people can accept that Brendan Dassey and Stephen Avery are guilty of the brutal rape and murder of Teresa Halbach.

The Naked Truth About "Making a Murderer"

The “what if game” taken to the logical conclusion would require every person to wear a fire extinguisher in the event that they might spontaneously combust one day.

Um... Little Words Can Signal Big Lies... You Know

The little words people use can detect deception

Detecting Deception by Observing Hand-to-Face Touching

In an effort to reduce the stress, liars increase hand-to-face touching.

Why People Like Trump

To reject Trump is to render the dreams of most Americans meaningless.