How Can We Bridge the Gap Between Brain and Experience?

Getting a grip on the relation between the objective brain and subjective experience.

Why Can Our Brain Change Between Depressed and Manic States?

An exploration of brain research on personality disorders.

Psychiatric Disorders and the Self

What the temporal structure of our brain tells us about psychiatry, and disorders of the self

Does Our Self Consist in the Brain’s Temporal Structure?

What the brain tells us about the self

How Does Our Brain Create a Virtual Space Around Our Body?

How our brain creates virtual physical boundaries around us.

The Brain Is Always Active

Why is our brain's intrinsic activity so important?

Where and What Is the Self?

The question of the self was already raised in ancient Greek philosophy and persisted ever since. We will look into some recent empirical evidence.

Do Our Selves Always Travel With Us?

The mystery of the brain. Why is our self always with us?

How does childhood trauma affect the adult brain?

What is the affect of negative childhood experiences on the adult brain?

How Can We Learn From the Unwell Brain for a Healthy Mind?

Neuroscience is a young kid. Given the research boom these days, one cannot imagine that neuroscience, as a field of study, is only 100–150 years old. At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century there were no imaging/scanning devices available available that could provide direct and online insight into the functioning of the brain.