Why 60 is the New 60

My 60th birthday present to myself? Peace of mind, and the ability to live in the moment (or year!) After suffering from anxiety for decades, I learned how to meditate and control the panic that had plagued and defined me. After years of wanting to be someone and somewhere else, I've learned how to live in the here and now. Happily.

Are Political Pundits Making You Panic?

Is it possible to keep your cool during a heated presidential campaign? What if we followed this election for ourselves, living in each actual moment as it happens, without checking to see how anyone else on the planet is interpreting that moment? Wouldn't that be a better way to prepare ourselves to cast ballots?

What If Your Anxious Parenting Moments Were Broadcast to the World?

Just when I thought no more pressure could be placed on parents to keep our kids healthy, safe, strong and secure (not to mention gainfully employed and ecstatically happy) a new device has been invented: The Parentcam!

How I Learned Not to Take My Panic Attacks Personally

How I Learned Not To Take My Panic Attacks Personally

Is It Selfish to Seek Happiness?

When you grow up in a family where people struggle with mental illness, unhappy marriages, financial woes, and health problems, seeking to escape from that life into a happy, fulfilling existence can indeed seem selfish.

A Letter to My Fifteen Year Old Self

One Woman's Journey From Panic to Peace