A leader’s ultimate task is to inspire others to bring all their focus to build a great future for their organization, their own people, and the people they serve. And yet, it is hard—if not impossible—to inspire others before first bringing pride within the organization. This intrinsic satisfaction derives from a great match between our internal set of values and our organizational values.

We can only align when what’s important to us is also important to the organization we serve.

Mismatches occur when there is a shift in leadership, a shift in overall goals, change within the organization, or societal change trends.

How can you bring pride to your tribe?

  1. Know thyself: A marriage stays together when both partners share a set of values, common interests, and goals. If one partner is unhappy and resists working on staying together, the marriage dissolves. Like in marriage, the best alliances occur when people feel their own values are represented and aligned with the organizational values. When people resist change, they will try to modify the organization instead of becoming more agile, flexible, and collaborative. Work on ensuring this alignment.
  2. Identify shared values that unify you, your co-workers, and those you serve. This powerful discovery leads to working together more effectively during easy as well as hard times. Knowing the shared values of the group allows groups to work together beyond personal gain.
  3. Focus on your ultimate shared goal: Create a positive environment where pride unifies and doesn't split “us” against “them.” Pride offers a good foundation and common ground. While subgroups within large organizations take pride on their own accomplishments, focus on the overarching goals beyond silos.
  4. Create a cohesive tribe: Internal squabbles work against the strength of the tribe, whereas a strong front will make it powerful and hard to beat. Bring people together by optimizing each contributor’s talent into action.
  5. Inspire: Once you feel pride in your association with your organization, you can aspire to go to the next level. The degree of enthusiasm, motivation, and overall empowerment results from having our feet on the ground with pride and shared vision manifested through inspiration.

About the Author

Gabriela Cora, M.D., M.B.A.

Gabriela Cora, M.D., M.B.A., hosts Dr. Gaby's Take: Make Life Interesting. She’s a medical doctor with a master's in business administration.

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