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Are You a Good Crisis Leader or Prosperity Leader?

Seven years ago, I gave an international talk on crisis management to a group of national managers with an expertise in security. One of the attendees asked me if there were any psychological tests that could help predict which leaders would operate effectively in a critical situation and which wouldn't. My reply was that there was no such test.

Small Fish in Big Pond

About 15 years ago, I assisted the National Mental Health Association, now known as Mental Health America, at the House of Representatives for the National Depression Screening Day. Many people came by out of curiosity trying to figure out why a large group of people were so effective at inviting people to take a survey.

The Ultimate Leading Under Pressure

In 2008, I interviewed company presidents and CEOs for the new edition of my book,’s Leading Under Pressure. While watching the movie Alive, I asked myself: how great would it be to interview Nando Parrado about the ultimate leading under pressure?