10 Reasons Why Teams Need Emotional Intelligence

Why your team needs better EI for better productivity and alignment.

Debate Scorecard for Hiring the President: How to Evaluate

How to bypass your biases and explore proven leadership competencies and derailers for the most important hiring evaluation. Score each candidate so you can ne be more objective.

Debate Scorecard for the Presidency: Trust

The selection of our next president is fast approaching. What is the criteria you will use to make that selection? Here's a scorecard to help you really think, consider and decide.

Five Emotional Intelligence Strategies to Develop Others

What are some of the best Emotional Intelligence strategies to develop more star performers in your organization? Five actions you can take with others to master the moment.

Five Strategies to Raise Emotional Intelligence: For Self

How do you raise your Emotional Intelligence by Mastering the Moment, five strategies for self-development.

The 10 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence

Your Emotional Intelligence (EI) is vital for keeping and motivating your people and teams? You are the "Emotional Thermostat" for your team and define reality for them. If you don't step up you allow fear, uncertainty and chaos to rule the day. Read the top 10 reasons you should be developing your Emotional Intelligence.

Five Steps to Improve Your Listening and Empowerment

Five Steps to Improve Your Listening and Empowerment: How to get your direct reports to quickly tell you what they need from you, so both of you feel more effective. The Managers' Misstep and the VIVID tool are both explained.

Four Holiday Actions from Hijacks to Happiness

Here are four actions or strategies you can use to have a happier holiday and get REAL with 1) Realistic expectations, 2) Experience and celebrate the moments, 3) Accept and let and 4) Love and learn The holidays can be depleting for your cognitive fuel and here are ways to be more mindful to get off automatic and get on exceptional so you have a joyous holiday.

Holiday Hysteria and Hijacks: The Truth about an EI Holiday

If we are so Emotionally Intelligent how come we don’t show at the holidays? It is time to get REAL with our holiday experience. Why is it that so often the holiday season leaves us with DIRE results: feeling empty, unfulfilled or even depressed and we become our worst self?
Six Ways We are Tapped Out and not Tuned In

Six Ways We are Tapped Out and not Tuned In

Distractions, diversions and interruptions steal our focus, energy and performance. What are the top six ways you take a performance wrong turn. What can you do to regain your focus, performance and emotional intelligence to your best leader?

Mass Murders: A Mountain of Mixed Emotions

Our emotions are overflowing, we can be on overwhelm and feel out of control, not only did Elliot Rodgers but for all us hearing about this tragedy. Each of us deal with our emotions and reactions differently, whether we are a student, parent, community member or global witness to the massacre and videos on TV over and over. What do we do with all the mixed feelings?
Diversions and Distractions: Are you TAPPED Out?

Diversions and Distractions: Are you TAPPED Out?

If you stay on automatic you stay average! Just a few disciplined actions or micro- initiatives can create a macro-impact and exceptional performance. How do we get in our own way? Learn the 6 major distractions that undermine our success with the most important people in our life.

Failed Focus: Crushing Consequences to Your Credibility

Failed Focus: Are your relationship being ignored and crushed because of the allure of the shiny light? How is this affecting your leadership credibility and trust within your family? Five crushing consequences of being on automatic and how they can ruin your relationships. Actions to counter being on autopilot. Learn about the Emotional Audit mindfulness tool.

Snapshot Management: Are You a Victim of It?

Snapshot Management may not be the real or current you. They are figments or creations of what people see in you which are highly influenced by past snapshots. Your review or evaluation by your manager is an “incomplete you” with real financial and career consequences.The story of you is created quickly based on sketchy and often outdated data and then retold and affirmed.

Dumb Questions, Dumb Answers and Dumbed Down Decisions

Dumb questions, dumb answers and how they impact your decisions, judgments and success. . Be more confident by being more aware, mindful and awake when you ask yourself internal questions. When you pay more attention, you may notice that the questions often catalyze a cascade of negative responses and a familiar pattern of “Being on Your Case.” Tips & actions are given.
Confidence: Are You on Your Case or on Your Side?

Confidence: Are You on Your Case or on Your Side?

Turn your whippings into learnings. The main question people have after they understand the value of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is: How do I raise EI for myself and others? Here will explore the confidence competency. Confidence is knowing one’s own abilities and having enough faith in them to make sound decisions in the face of uncertainty and pressure.

Rice’s Rage Derails Him: Detecting Your Own Derailers

Derailer detection: Rutgers' Rice's rants and rages, robbed his career. Every week we have new examples of someone not being able to manage their emotions and derailing. This week it is Mike Rice, Head Basketball coach from Rutgers University, who pushed, swore, used homophobic slurs and physically abused his players. He was first suspended, fined $50,000 and then fired.

Fallen Heroes: Armstrong Cheating, Pistorius Shooting

Fallen Heroes: Every day we hear of some one cheating, losing their impulse control and in moments their career derails. What are your main derailers to avoid, take the derailer detector.
Why Leaders Underperform: Their Default is to Find Fault

Why Leaders Underperform: Their Default is to Find Fault

Leaders underperform because the pressing problem takes precedence over people development. New research suggest we can only be on one neural channel at a time, analysis or empathy. Which do you think gets our first attention at work? Five strategies can help you stay tuned into the empathy channel with your direct reports and teams.

Leadership Derailers and the Presidential Campaign

The presidential campaign has been full of denials, overused strengths, and Emotional Intelligence derailers. It has left disappointment in its wake and few leadership competencies to emulate. Here is a look at how to deconstruct some of these leadership dynamics and behaviors.

Steve Jobs' Narcissism: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Steve Jobs is a fascinating case study in leadership, because he was a phenomenal innovator and marketer while at the same time being visionary and vicious. He is a star in some EI competencies, but he devastated others on the way to success. Do his ends and accomplishments justify his means?

Steve Jobs: Superman Syndrome, Low EQ, High IQ

EI Profile: Superman Uncloaked

Will Meg be Magic for HP?

Will Whitman's Emotional Intelligence enable HP's success?

The Illusion of Self-Awareness

Leaders are More Unaware the Aware: 8 Reasons

Where Did My IQ Go No. 2? Handling the Hijack

EQ Gain to Protect IQ Drain!
Where Did My IQ points Go?

Where Did My IQ points Go?

How to maximize your potential with EI.

2011 Strength Audit: What Should You Do More of?

What are your strengths for 2011 to do more of?