10 Tips for Managing the Overwhelming Stress of Trying Times

Feeling bombarded by record-breaking natural disasters, the opioid epidemic, and ongoing political and social strife? Here are 10 key tips for managing stress during trying times.

Where Do You Really Stand in the Wake of Charlottesville?

Following the Charlottesville riots, reactions are disturbingly mixed. Here’s how to strengthen your thinking about the effects of racism.

Why We Tune into the Bachelorette: Romance & Lessons Learned

In the finale of The Bachelorette, Rachel finally says goodbye to the guy who wouldn't commit and says yes to Bryan, the bold romantic. What can we learn from her arduous journey?

How to Mindfully Make Important Life Decisions

Important life decisions can be challenging to make. By tapping into your gut’s wisdom and harnessing your brain’s mindfulness, you can determine the path that is best for you.

How to Make Important Life Decisions

Big, life-changing decisions can be challenging to make. Stakes can be high, pros and cons mixed. Here are some tips to help you find clarity and determine your best path.

A Mindful Approach to Supporting Bereaved Parents

Supporting grieving parents can be supremely challenging. Here are some simple ways to boost your effectiveness and feelings of confidence as you do this important work.

Can a Friendship Survive Major Political Disagreement?

Can friends stay friends when they disagree about politics? Here's how strategies like self-determination, curiosity, and respect can help you keep your friendships intact.

How to Maintain Your Sanity During Politically Insane Times

If you’re feeling chronic stress over the U.S. political situation, you are not alone. Here are some smart survival tips.

Grieving: Should You Dive Into Emotion or Jump Into Action?

Is diving into emotion the "right way" to grieve? Research shows that both "feeling" and "doing" can help people cope and adjust to adversity. What's the right blend for you?

12 Steps for Adjusting to the Election of Donald Trump

If you feel stunned and distraught at the presidential election of Trump, take these 12 positive steps toward adjustment & hope.

6 Reasons Why the World Series Matters

The fate of the nation does not rest on the outcome, but here's why the World Series is such a meaningful contest, and how it makes us better and even improves our country.

9 Compassionate Tips for Surviving the Death of Your Baby

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. The death of a baby can bring profound grief. Here are some words of comfort and wisdom to carry parents through their mourning.

The Secret to Feeling Less Annoyed by Your Partner

Feeling annoyed is normal and common, but you can lessen this painful dynamic in your relationship. Here are 5 secret powers that can reduce how annoyed you feel with your partner.

What to Do When You Feel Annoyed by Your Partner

When you’re feeling annoyed by your partner, what can you do in the moment that will make things better, not worse?

5 Things to Do When You Are So Annoyed With Your Partner

Petty annoyances are inevitable in any relationship. Here are 5 approaches that can help you break the vicious cycle of chronic annoyance.

How to Fight Fairly on Facebook and Other Social Media

Is your Facebook aflame with hateful discussions? How can you stand up, say your piece, and shed some light without getting burned or adding to the chaos? Here are some guidelines.

5 Keys to Providing Quality Dementia Care at Home

Quality dementia care is the source of my mother's contentment and having a team of caregivers is key to my father's very survival. Here's how we've created our pleasant journey.

The Bright Side of Dementia

Dementia is devastating, but somehow we’ve turned my mother's journey, our journey, into a treasure hunt. Here are some of the blessings we've discovered.

Mindful Habits that Offset the Stresses of Modern Living

Modern life tends to disconnect us from what really nourishes our brains and bodies. Adopt these easy habits of daily living to reconnect with what really matters, and thrive.

4 Ways Modern Life Is Messing With Your Brain and Body

Modern life is fabulously full of fast transportation, instant communication, easy convenience, and lavish comforts. Then why are we so fussy and discontent?

10 Easy Steps for Breathing Calm Into Your Anxious Brain

If you suffer from anxiety, your brain may have shifted into a perpetual state of “hyper-alert.” Here is a simple technique for restoring calm to your brain and your life.

7 Habits That Shift Your Crazy-Busy Life Into Sweet Serenity

Life can be crazy and too busy, full of trials that drive you to distraction. Adopt these 7 habits to help you calmly and gracefully take on whatever life hands you.

7 Tips for Shaking off Your Critics and Restoring Confidence

A negative voice pierces right through the crowd—and burrows itself into your being. Seven tips for shaking off critics and insults, plus a few soothing mantras & affirmations.

3 Steps to Take When You're Not Sure About Your Relationship

Ambivalence is common in long-term relationships. It’s easy to drift apart, but you stay because leaving is too complicated. And yet ambivalence is a stressful place to park.

Should Disruptive Teens Be Treated As Criminals In School?

When students fail to cooperate, the school is failing them-- here, with insufficient staff training and lack of student support. Do we have the will to implement real solutions?

Relationship Ambivalence: Should You Stay or Leave?

If your relationship is at a crossroads and you're considering leaving, get out of your head and tune into your body. Your gut is your “second brain,” whose wisdom points the way.

Are Transgender Women Just Reinforcing Sexist Stereotypes?

Would transgender women, like Caitlin Jenner, exist if men were free to wear dresses? Modern brain research reveals what influences gender identity and expression.

Transgender? Or TrueGender?

Being transgender is not a choice. Transgender people don’t choose to cross over and live as the other gender. They are, and always have been, the other gender. They have never felt aligned with the gender assigned at birth according to anatomy. The choice they do make is whether to live as their true gender or live a lie. This decision can be a matter of life and death.

Coping with Adversity from "Inside Out"

This film effectively and hilariously shines a light on the inner workings of our emotional brains and why we struggle at times. Most powerfully, its metaphor of "Emotions at Your Central Control Panel" offers a useful way to reflect on our own feelings and how they can push us to react, sometimes to our disadvantage. Required viewing for anyone operating a human brain.

After the Break-up: Embracing the Lessons

By seeing a broken relationship as presenting lessons to learn, you can boost your resilience and bounce back from heartache. Embracing lessons also leads to fewer regrets and helps you see any breakup as an opportunity for growth and a better life, rather than a reason to lose hope, feel diminished, or die.