Costs and Benefits of Allowing Marketing in Schools

School-based marketing doesn’t cost companies much. In fact, it is one of the cheapest forms of marketing available. Rather than contributing philanthropically to schools – companies may actually be taking considerable advantage of schools and their students.

Food Marketing Targets Children in Schools

Unhealthy food marketing to children in schools is prevalent

What’s a Parent to Do?

Parents face many challenges when it comes to protecting their children from harmful food marketing.

Have Fast Food Restaurants Improved Their Marketing to Kids?

Fast food companies still have a long way to go to promote only healthier fast food options to kids.

Coca-Cola Marketing and Children's Health

Coca-Cola has donated $2.6 million to provide recycling bins for every house and small apartment building in Chicago, in return for images of Coke products on the bins. A win-win for Coca-Cola and Chicago’s short-term budget, but at what cost to Chicago’s children?

The Opportunity to Educate Parents about Junk Food Marketing

“Food marketing doesn’t affect my kids,” is something I hear a lot from parents when I tell them about my research. I used to think that too.