The Night Before Christmas... in Israel...

Many people have suggested that if you have always been a member of the majority population, you should try being a member of the minority sometime. But I think that if you are the member of a minority population, you should try being a member of the majority sometime.

The Irrelevance of Innocence

You're in jail for a crime you did not commit. A new technology can prove you are innocent. You'll soon be free, right? Think again...

Why We Judge Judges

The new Supreme Court nominee: She had a great education. She has a wide range of relevant experience. And... she's Latina. Huh? Why should that matter?  

Psychology and Law? Someone Must Be Crazy!

Psychology and law can and should work hand in glove (no, don't think about O.J.). Law is about the regulation of human behavior; psychology is the study of human behavior. Psychology should inform the creation, implementation, and compliance (or lack thereof) with law.