Darkness Visible: Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins

Deep inside the hearts of many men—especially the adrenaline-driven ones—is fear, shame and paranoia, and unless they keep women off the scent through abuse, they run the risk of being "outed" by women's great "b.s. detectors."

The Diamond Rule

You've heard of Golden Rule and maybe even the Platinum Rule. Announcing the Diamond Rule

Does Technology "Crack" You Up? Maybe.

The thrill of an adrenaline rush is only exceeded by the dread of an adrenaline crash.

For the Families of Flights 8501 and 370

What now for the families of passengers of Flights 8501 and 370?

A Secret to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Twofer - How to keep your New Year's resolutions and make your relationships stronger.

After Joy to the World, Remember What the World Needs Now..

To continue to bring joy to the world, remember that what it needs is love sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just too little of.

A NEW Paradigm to Fix the World - A Failure to Consider

In the iconic movie, Cool Hand Luke, the prison Captain played by Strother Martin uttered on more than one occasion the iconic line, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” That situation appears every bit as present today as it was then. The reason it continues is what underlies a failure to communicate. And that is a failure to consider.

Calling Facebook, Google et al: Technology's Real Purpose

Calling facebook, Google et al... Your real purpose and promise is not to feed rampant transactionalism, but to connect everyone in a transparent way enabling them to transcend their current transactional myopia and transform the world into a place where all peoples, all of nature and the earth itself will live and prosper together.

Passionate vs. Opinionated - The 7 Distinctions

Distinction 1: Passionate people are win-win. Opinionated people are “zero sum.” Distinction 2: Passionate people are focused on what feels true and right for them. Opinionated people are focused on being right more than what feels right to them.

The #1 Lesson from Ferguson

A house divided against itself cannot stand - Abraham Lincoln A house prejudiced towards bias over objectivity cannot have justice

OCB: Do You Have Achiever's Disease?

We all know of people who are as difficult and exasperating as they are talented and successful. We also realized that many of us aspire to be like them. And it’s not only because they seem so powerful and important as that they seem to be personally immune to such adversity.

God Esteem vs. Self-Esteem

If you seek unconditional love and only God is capable of it, try God esteem instead of self-esteem

Healing the World, One Conversation at a Time

Look into the eyes of someone who is hurting and ask them 'what's the toughest thing in your life' and be ready to listen, care and perform a mitzvah.

Decoding Apple's Secret Formula

How does Apple create excitement to your core?

Do You Know Any BBBID's?

Blah, Blah, Blah Intolerance Disorder 1. Become annoyed when other people go on and on about something of little importance to the listener and not usually that important to the talker - CONTINUE READING

Drugs as the New Parents

Are downers replacing comfort lacking from moms and uppers replacing encouragement lacking from dads?

It's Not Familiarity That Breeds Contempt. It's Intimacy.

Marriage is presumed dead. When you presume to know something about your partner that you don't know and that you actually have wrong, you're inviting trouble. Instead learn to pause and reflect instead of not pausing and just reacting.

Male Suicide vs. Female Suicide

Women kill themselves when they can't stand the pain; men kill themselves when they can't stand the shame.

Robin Williams Did Not Die From Depression

Rest in peace Robin Williams, we hardly knew yee. Perhaps if we had, you wouldn't have felt so alone and you'd still be making us laugh instead of causing us to cry.

Israel vs. Hamas–Try a Little Mirror Neuron Diplomacy

Just as bombing begets bombing, seeking to understand begets seeking to understand.

Why You (and I) Blog, Post to Facebook and Twitter

What needs do blogging, posting on Facebook and Twitter satisfy for you?

Overcome Any Obstacle

The 5 airtight steps to overcoming any obstacle you might face at work or in your personal life.

Help Wanted: A Politician We Can Trust

America is plagued by too many people just wanting to know “the bottom line” and whether you’re with them or against them. Having a process, planning, thinking of contingencies seems largely un-American or perhaps we just don’t have the patience for it.

The Dating Game – Testosterone vs. Oxytocin

How to gain and keep a man interested in a future with you.

Rx: For People Who Hate Waking Up, Just Get Vertical!

What happens if and when your human, mammalian and reptile brains are on their own recognizance?

Compartmentalized v. Integrated: The Mind of Elliot Rodger

Does being too compartmentalized run the risk of being cut off from people and from the ability to empathize with them (which is a deterrent to violence)?

Preventing Future Isla Vistas - Sucking the Poison Out

As a former clinical psychiatrist, suicide specialist/interventionist, out of the box trainer of FBI and police hostage negotiators and someone who’s passionate about neuroscience, I was hoping to be able to make sense of such shootings and more importantly how to intervene effectively with such troubled individuals before they act on their imbalanced minds.

Calling All Skeptics, Cynics and Pessimists

- A skeptic is someone who is reluctant to believe; - A cynic is someone who refuses to believe; - A pessimist is someone who has given up on believing.

A Back to Basics Approach to PTSD

Having written Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Dummies, every day that I hear about another incident related to it, I think there has got to be a better way to deal with PTSD. It has recently occurred to me that we don't live in our minds or even in our brains; we live in our lives. And it may be that we have things backwards.

How to Grieve

Whether it’s the families of the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 or of those killed at Ft. Hood or of the children who died in a fiery bus crash near Sacramento, not to mention the families of soldiers continuing to die on active duty or by suicide back home, there is no shortage of grieving people left behind.