Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep... annotated

Now I lay me down to sleep, At the end of the day this is about not doing another thing before you fall asleep. It's about letting go of control with the hope that a good night's sleep will replenish your mind (with everything that the stresses of the day has taken away), will refresh it and enable you to "reboot" it to take on the next day playing with a

The Psychological Appeal of Donald Trump

Like Peter Finch in the movie Network and like the American public, Trump is "mad (and rich) as hell and not going to take it anymore!"

Fixing Tiger Woods' Trainwreck

Maybe instead of trying to dominate the world as he one could, Tiger could invoke the image of his father a la Field of Dreams to "have a catch" with him as he's on the course.

Overcoming Garden Variety Moodiness

If you tend to moodiness and would like an approach that is "psychology" or "psychiatry light," give this a try.

Hacking Hatred — What Drives People to Hate and Kill

Hacking hatred and what drives someone to hate and then to kill

The 7 Killers of Hope

Hail yee of little faith, belief, nada, nada, nada...

FIFA Fo Fum I Smell the Blood of Corruption

What’s most shocking about the FIFA corruption scandal is that it has been going on for so long with so many people aware of it and yet the majority turning a blind eye to it.

Preview of Talking to Crazy

Talking to Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life. Know any of them?

How to Deal with Your Moody Teenager

How to Get Through to a Moody Teenager Who Doesn't Want and Resents Your Advice or Solutions

What Would Fred(dy) Couples Advise Tiger Woods?

A fanciful, fantasy exchange between Mr. Smooth and Mr. In Control after Tiger Woods turned in his worst performance at the Players Championship. Tiger: Hey man, did you catch my score at the Players Championship? Freddy: It was pretty hard to miss? Tiger: I guess it was pretty ugly. And this is getting to be pretty humiliating.

Bruce Jenner, You Are Not Alone

If you've ever felt like a human being imprisoned in the body of a human doing, say "Aye"

How Brian Williams Can Earn Back Trust

Can Brian Williams earn back trust? Yes, he can if he follows the 4 H's and 4 R's.

The Gold Standard for Healing the World...

Remember an incident when someone listened deeply to you and then talked with you when you were in a bad place. Would you want to honor that person if you could? If so, they would just want you to do onto someone else what they did onto you. Isn't that so?

Outing My Inner Racist

Me: Otis, it’s been two days and I can’t stand how the deck is stacked against us and justice. I’ll bet you’ve felt that before. Otis: I’ve never felt any different. Me: It’s awful. Why didn’t you tell me it was so bad? Otis (looking me directly in the eye): Because YOU didn’t want to know!

White Male Racism Against Black Males Will Not End...

White male racism toward black males will exist as long as white males deny the anger they project on black males.

Darkness Visible: Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins

Deep inside the hearts of many men—especially the adrenaline-driven ones—is fear, shame and paranoia, and unless they keep women off the scent through abuse, they run the risk of being "outed" by women's great "b.s. detectors."

The Diamond Rule

You've heard of Golden Rule and maybe even the Platinum Rule. Announcing the Diamond Rule

Does Technology "Crack" You Up? Maybe.

The thrill of an adrenaline rush is only exceeded by the dread of an adrenaline crash.

For the Families of Flights 8501 and 370

What now for the families of passengers of Flights 8501 and 370?

A Secret to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Twofer - How to keep your New Year's resolutions and make your relationships stronger.

After Joy to the World, Remember What the World Needs Now..

To continue to bring joy to the world, remember that what it needs is love sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just too little of.

A NEW Paradigm to Fix the World - A Failure to Consider

In the iconic movie, Cool Hand Luke, the prison Captain played by Strother Martin uttered on more than one occasion the iconic line, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” That situation appears every bit as present today as it was then. The reason it continues is what underlies a failure to communicate. And that is a failure to consider.

Calling Facebook, Google et al: Technology's Real Purpose

Calling facebook, Google et al... Your real purpose and promise is not to feed rampant transactionalism, but to connect everyone in a transparent way enabling them to transcend their current transactional myopia and transform the world into a place where all peoples, all of nature and the earth itself will live and prosper together.

Passionate vs. Opinionated - The 7 Distinctions

Distinction 1: Passionate people are win-win. Opinionated people are “zero sum.” Distinction 2: Passionate people are focused on what feels true and right for them. Opinionated people are focused on being right more than what feels right to them.

The #1 Lesson from Ferguson

A house divided against itself cannot stand - Abraham Lincoln A house prejudiced towards bias over objectivity cannot have justice

OCB: Do You Have Achiever's Disease?

We all know of people who are as difficult and exasperating as they are talented and successful. We also realized that many of us aspire to be like them. And it’s not only because they seem so powerful and important as that they seem to be personally immune to such adversity.

God Esteem vs. Self-Esteem

If you seek unconditional love and only God is capable of it, try God esteem instead of self-esteem

Healing the World, One Conversation at a Time

Look into the eyes of someone who is hurting and ask them 'what's the toughest thing in your life' and be ready to listen, care and perform a mitzvah.

Decoding Apple's Secret Formula

How does Apple create excitement to your core?

Do You Know Any BBBID's?

Blah, Blah, Blah Intolerance Disorder 1. Become annoyed when other people go on and on about something of little importance to the listener and not usually that important to the talker - CONTINUE READING