The Kelly Trump Rematch - If I Were Megyn Kelly

A mistake stops being a mistake when you learn the lesson it is trying to teach you and correct it going forward so that you don't repeat it.

Donald, people who live in glass houses shouldn't name call

Will she do everything she can to resist the ever-so-tempting, but career-ending response of, “You Mr. Trump are an ignorant pr—k!” from a Megan Kelly?

Happy Mother's Day

A little dated? Maybe. But I think you get the idea.

If Donald Trump Is a Narcissist…

Finally, like other pundits making silly if not stupid pronouncements of how things will play out, I plead, "No contest."

Why Trump Would Be the Worst Choice to Deal with ISIS

ISIS recruits who are radicalized and then sent back to their home countries to wage terror are not the same as fighting them in a foreign country. Trump doesn't get this.

Work Life Balance - Quality Time on Low Quantity Time Budget

Are you always pressed for time? Is quality time with your children something you say you'll get to, but don't? Try these tips.

Can Donald Trump "Unring a Bell?"

Did Donald Trump go one insult too far. And so, how will his being on the retreat and on the defensive come across to his supporters?

How to De-Shrill Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton could accept that her supporters want her help and like her, she would relax her guard, lose her shrillness, smile and get elected.

Beyond Columbine - A Conversation With Sue Klebold

I asked Sue Klebold: 1. Tell me about Dylan 2. When you think of "If only" what comes to mind 3. When you think of stopping school violence, "What if..."

Election 2016 – Doing a Judgment Call Audit

Is there collusion going on between the presidential candidates and the electorate that says: "We won't hold you accountable for your actions if you don't do the same with us?"

A Neuropsychology of Election 2016

Trump = Dopamine; Cruz/Rubio/Clinton = Cortisol; Sanders = Oxytocin; Kasich = Endorphin; Carson = *

John Kasich's Presidential Bid, 2016 - In Memoriam

Hoping John Kasich can make it to the GOP convention and that at the end, he is the last grown-up standing.

Deja Vu: Anti-War Protestors vs. Anti-Government Protestors

Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater every time an administration changes, why not have "Build Upon Leadership?"

The Trump Dilemma - Two Plusses and a Very Big ?

Trump may not be my preferred style, but in a manipulative, bullying world, might he play better than Sanders or Clinton?

Blake Griffin's Mea Culpa

How Blake Griffin could earn back the trust of fans and supporters after being a bully

A State of the Union and Future We Can Believe In

Like many, I am eagerly awaiting to hear President Obama's final State of the Union address and I've been thinking of what I hope I'll hear.

Lemon Puts the Squeeze on Trump - A Fantasy Interview

Donald Trump has mesmerized many frustrated, frightened and angry Americans. What is a way to break the spell he has them under? What if we they saw him through different eyes?

The Secret to Lessen Stress and Prevent Burnout

Survey results from 40k+ Twitter followers: What cause more stress and burnout? a. Too much work - 25%; b. Difficult people - 75%

Don't Disappoint Max: An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Help those in the connected world of Facebook to relate to each other with compassion and you won't just leave the world a better place than you found it.

3 Most Powerful Questions to Bring Back Trust and Intimacy

How to Bring Back the Trust, Intimacy and Love to a Dead Marriage. Medical disclaimer: Do not attempt if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or are prone to stroke

What Multiple Sclerosis Can Teach Us About Defeating ISIS

Can an analogy be made between the myelination of the brain to become psychologically fixated and the radicalization of the brain to commit jihad?

Unexpressed Disappointment, the Great Intimacy Killer

Relationships end not because you stop loving each other, but because you are unable to feel and then express how disappointed you are in each other and then have it dissipate.

Calling Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, YouTube

If extremists can use technology and the Internet to spread fear and terror, perhaps tech and Internet companies can pull people together to create an "iron dome" solidarity to counter those.

Why I "Flip Flopped" Back to Hillary

"It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives. It is the one most adaptive to change" — Charles Darwin. Is Hillary a "flip flopper" or is she merely adapting to get stuff done?

Know Any Opinionated People?

A breakdown of three kinds of opinionated people, why they act that way and why you react the way you do. More importantly, discover how to effectively deal with them.

Inside the Mind of a School Shooter, Part 2

My very smart and astute friend, Peter Winick, founder of Thought Leadership Leverage shared with me a conversation he had with a doctor who hypothesized that the present day rampage shooters were often the disenfranchised oddballs that have always been part of school, college and community populations. But they didn't commit violence.

Inside the Mind of a School Shooter

What may cause a person to become a school shooter is when his mind becomes so disorganized that the three brains that make up his triune brain react by becoming "locked and loaded" and focused on a mission to get in and get even with a world that caused him to feel put down and pushed away.

Pope Francis for President? The Master of One-Downmanship

Of course that’s not going to happen. But there’s something about the Pontiff that is touching a nerve in many people—Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Calling All Presidential Hopefuls — It's Not About You

Political hopefuls know what it's like to be "one done" in the polls. However until they understand what it's like to feel one down to leaders you're dependent on but don't trust, they'll never earn back our trust and confidence and we'll never get back OUR hope.

Campaign 2016 - The Leader and Leadership We Need

As we look out to the 2016 Presidential Election, I think we are desperately in need of a candidate who is a PAL that exhibits TCR leadership.