Breaking Through to a Suicidal Mind

Des-pair = Feeling unpaired with a reason to live.

Talking Down Angry Protesters and Hate Crime Perpetrators

We have nothing to lose by asking and seeking to understand what lies beneath the anger, and what will make it go away.

The Elephant in the Middle of the American Psyche

On Wednesday after the election, America and Americans will have one of its greatest opportunities to test its object constancy.

How History Will Remember Donald Trump

Could Trump be just what civil society needs to resurrect itself from profanity, vulgarity, insensitivity and impatience that can often escalate to violence?

Why Some People Don't Apologize

Have we reached such a point of incivility that a sincere, heartfelt, remorse filled apology is an idea whose time has come and gone?

Can Donald Trump Earn Forgiveness? The 4 H's and 4 R's

Had Donald Trump gone too far? Is he unforgivable? Is there anything he can do to earn forgiveness. The 4 H's and 4 R's represent his best chance.

Calling Trump and Clinton - It's Hurricane Matthew

The best leaders make great judgment calls with regard to: strategy, people and crisis. This is a great opportunity to "ready test" candidates Trump and Clinton on judgment

President Trump Releases His Tax Returns

What if a President Trump releases his taxes and what he's hiding is so reprehensible—but legal—and we just have to live with it?

Bringing Methods of "The Voice" to the Presidential Debates

What if the Presidential debates could be cleansed of persona and personality and see what content shows through.

Helping Clinton Become Engaging, Memorable and Fearless

Deborah Shames, author of "Out Front: How Women can Become Engaging, Memorable and Fearless Speakers" is a specialist in helping people put their best and most real foot forward.

Election2016 -Declaration of Independence v. US Constitution

Trump is the Declaration of Independence, Clinton is the U.S. Constitution. Which one would you pick to trust your future to?

Donald Trump Removes Gag Order on Melania

Trump's sarcastic and inflammatory comments have no place when spoken to fearful, angry and therefore uptiight people, who are more likely to take them literally.

On Being Presidential - 6 Attributes and 4 Traits

Do you agree with these 6 attributes and 4 traits as descriptive of being Presidential? If so, please add in the comments your assessment of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Why Millennials Owe Donald Trump a Big "Thank You"

By doing unto the GOP, what the GOP has done unto the Democrats for decades, Trump might actually be the catalyst that ends divisiveness. Who knew?

"I'm NOT Sorry" - Why Ambitious People Don't Apologize

If you haven't said or done anything intentionally to hurt someone, are you responsible when they feel hurt by what you said or did?

How Trump Supporters Can Avoid PTSD

If after putting all your trust, believe, confidence and hope in Trump, that he turns out to have duped you, you will be worse off than you were before.

How to Prevent Violence

Identify powerlessness, rejection, humiliation, injustice, unimportance, insignificance and nothing to lose by dying before they combine together in violence.

The Global Declaration of Interdependence

Unless the world finds a way to pull together, it will pull apart.
Zastolskiy Victor/Shutterstock

The Elephant in the Middle of Brexit

In a world built upon little trust outside your own POV, company, community or country, chances for collaboration, cooperation and even mere calm communication are slim to none

The Best Father's Day Gift

The Father's Day gift that keeps on giving and may even prevent his being taken away by bad health that he could have prevented.

To Reverse Engineer Home Grown Terrorism, Nip Hate in Bud

Hate, nothing to lose and paradise if you kill and die for an extremist group is nearly impossible to stop. But if you intervene before hurt turns to hate, you have a chance.

Muhammad Ali's "Greatest" Lesson

It may be a long time before another Ali comes our way, but we have something to help us tap into the Ali that lives in each of us.

How Donald Trump Keeps Psyching Everyone Out

Trump rushes in where wise men (and women) fear to tread, because he really doesn't care if he loses, whereas a lifetime politician cares too much.

Appeal of Donald “We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges" Trump

America is close to leading the world in its aversion to thinking, focusing, contemplating, evaluating, learning and most of all planning

The Kelly Trump Rematch - If I Were Megyn Kelly

A mistake stops being a mistake when you learn the lesson it is trying to teach you and correct it going forward so that you don't repeat it.

Donald, people who live in glass houses shouldn't name call

Will she do everything she can to resist the ever-so-tempting, but career-ending response of, “You Mr. Trump are an ignorant pr—k!” from a Megan Kelly?

Happy Mother's Day

A little dated? Maybe. But I think you get the idea.

If Donald Trump Is a Narcissist…

Finally, like other pundits making silly if not stupid pronouncements of how things will play out, I plead, "No contest."

Why Trump Would Be the Worst Choice to Deal with ISIS

ISIS recruits who are radicalized and then sent back to their home countries to wage terror are not the same as fighting them in a foreign country. Trump doesn't get this.

Work Life Balance - Quality Time on Low Quantity Time Budget

Are you always pressed for time? Is quality time with your children something you say you'll get to, but don't? Try these tips.