Conflicted Putin

The Munich security conference revealed divisions within the Western camp. What does this period reveal about divisions within President Putin?

Casualties and Convictions

Americans are not cowed by casualties. What weakens their resolve is moral ambiguity.

He Stood Alone

We recognized, consciously or not, that Robin Williams was a man who stood apart, who didn’t quite fit in, but who had ingenious ways to make us laugh at the systemic madness we’ve created.

Why We Should Remember Tonkin

Each side in a conflict thinks it's the victim

Reading Leaders Right

How can leaders judge their enemies' intentions? How should Presidents Obama and Putin think about what the other is thinking? They should focus on enemy behaviors at crucial pattern breaks.

The Best Bet

Would you bet all your money on a horse race, if you had a system to predict the winner? One woman did, and her story reveals much about how we make decisions.