10 Ways to Use Walks to Teach and Bond With Young Kids

Walks are a perfect way to help children learn concepts and have memorable experiences related to science, language, math, senses, nature, joy, and the community.

3 Mindfulness Tools that Help Parents Bond With Young Kids

Setting specific, clear intentions can help parents create rich, meaningful relationships with kids and partners. Here are 3 creative ways to apply intention to family life.

The Surprising Effects of Parents' Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation inhibits parents' ability to manage their emotions and reactivity to negative stimuli. It may also interfere with their verbal and nonverbal expressions of joy.

The Missing Piece for Many Parents: Time to Reflect

Stress, exhaustion, and overwork may be edging out the time parents need to synthesize, abstract, and articulate the parenting lessons that they glean from their experiences.

7 Exercises That Reduce Stress Better Than "Trying to Relax"

Sometimes willing yourself out of a stress cycle just doesn't work. Here's what can.

5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Get Kids to Cooperate

Parents have to move kids through tasks like chores, potty, teeth-brushing, etc. Here are 5 tools to strengthen cooperation, reduce resistance, and promote bonding along the way.

4 Powerful Ways to "Set the Vision" for Your Family's Day

How parents set the tone helps determine if their families will see the day as a disaster or a delight.

8 Ways Parents Can Stop Beating Themselves Up

Many parents beat themselves up over near-universal issues that are usually not their fault. Research suggests ways for parents to get good at mustering self-compassion.

The Surprising Present Young Kids Want During Holidays

Want to give children something special for the holidays? Let them help you with your Christmas tasks.

7 Ways Parents Can Build Joy in 15 Minutes or Less

Research suggests that 15-minute bursts of focused time can help parents build more joy, strengthen their relationships, and recharge their batteries.

Use Holidays to Boost Your Relationship, Not Stress It Out

Here are some research-based ways people can not just protect a partnership from holiday stress, but also use the holidays to make it even stronger.

This Holiday Season, Choose What You're Going to Savor

Research suggests that the effects are different when you just do something versus when you savor that something.

Thanking Others Is Actually Good for YOU, Research Confirms

If you've ever asked yourself, "Why should I say thank you when no one says thank you to me?" here are a few good reasons.

4 Stunning Things Thank-Yous Do for a Partnership

This one "booster shot" helps partners stay happier & more satisfied, stay together longer, and protects from the negative effects of arguments. So why is it so hard to keep up?

4 Great Starter Phrases to use When Venting to Your Partner

Simple conversation starters can make all the difference between "dumping" on your partner and securing their support.

7 Ways to Get Kids to Leave a Place They Don't Want to Leave

Getting kids to leave a place they love is no easy task. These ideas will make the transition home much smoother.

If Your Partner's in Bed, You Should Be, Too.

Research indicates that going to bed at the same time as your partner (at least sometimes) is key to preventing a "silent drift apart."

3 Ways to Put Joy Back into Little Kids' Chores

Here are a few ways to build off of children's natural desires and tendencies to help them enjoy their chores.

What Rude People Can Do For Us

"A truly compassionate attitude toward others does not change even if they behave negatively or hurt you." ~ Dalai Lama XIV

8 Ways to Make "Special Time" With Kids Even More Meaningful

These 8 ideas will help you sneak in one-on-one time with your children and make it even more memorable, special, and fun.

What Children Rank as their Top Preferred Summer Activities

Research suggests we should make time for the simpler stuff.

What to Do When You Can't Get Out of an Argument

The more in “fight or flight” mode someone is during a conflict, the more his/her marital satisfaction will decline (Gottman Institute). Here's how to "table" hot conversations.

Why Lovers Still Need Their Friends

Dyadic withdrawal is when two people fall in love and disappear from friends. Sometimes it's subtle and other times it's quite abrupt. Here's how and why to prevent it.

How the Scaling Question Can Help You Reduce Stress by 20%

One component of solution focused brief therapy (the scaling question) can pinpoint the best ways to reduce your personal stress.

Why It's So Important to Banter With Young Children

Banter, or informal and spontaneous chatting, joking, and storytelling, builds a foundation for knowledge, skills, and relationships.

What Einstein Knew About Parenting

Thanks, Einstein, for the theory of relativity and this other stuff too.

How Parents Can Avoid Mood Matching

Here are a few ways to avoid “mood matching” when your little one is having a tough time.

5 Guidelines for Giving Kids Choices

Giving young kids a say builds respect, strengthens bonds, invites cooperation, and capitalizes on kids’ need for power and control. Here are 20 ways to involve kids in choices.

The Single Word that Helps You Say "No" in a Kind Way

Saying "no" nicely is no easy task. Here is one way to do it well.

5 Types of Support Needed to Complement PPD Screenings

Here are 5 ways we could provide moms with support that would complement universal screenings.