Building Relationships to Combat Isolation

Reach out and let someone "touch" you!

Building Relationship

Networking is a great way to make the contacts needed to help advance your career. The secret is not in going to lots of events and handing out business cards.

“The High Cost of Unemployment"

Unemployment can mean more than loss of income.

Unemployed and Feeling Down? Try Laughter

Making yourself laugh can actually lift your mood. It's easier than you think (and a lot of fun).

"In Looking for Work, What's Important?"

In the struggle to succeed, we typically rely on our intelligence to produce positive outcomes to get what we need. We do research, ferret out facts, think things through, and seek the opinions of others.

Volunteering: A Rewarding Path to a Paying Job

Our society is richer and more humane because of millions of volunteers across the country. For those seeking jobs, it not only enriches their lives but also adds to their resume.

Unemployed and Stressed Out

Ignoring the stress you may be experiencing is not in your best interest and won't necessarily get you another job faster.