How Do We Value Time?

A revolution is coming! Tech is not only disrupting traditional industries, it is fundamentally changing the basis of our economy and the value of being human.

What Is Value Creation?

As an entrepreneur, are you not defining your value to society? New tech tools are driving a new cycle of mediums of exchange that re-define value. Are you prepared to benefit?

Celebrate Human Creativity with the Abundance Mentality

If the complexities and volatility of the world seem bewildering, what can you do for your own health and well-being? Do you have a scarcity mentality? Is change possible?

Connecting the (Hidden) Dots

What dots do we choose to form patterns? What patterns make sense to us, and which dots are discarded? What dots do we infer?

Fragmentation of Personality

Given the complexity of our online lives, how do we define the totality of who we are? Is this changing how we think of being integrated human beings and our creative lives?

Randomness and Intentionality

How can intentionality affect how our lives evolve?

A Crisis of Noise - Messages To/From Our Brains

Confusion and overwhelm reign! Our brains are battlegrounds where messages are vying for attention. What can we believe? Our physical, mental, and emotional health are at stake.

Small World, Isn’t It?

Do you believe that innovative design principles can affect behavior?

Climbing Maslow‘s Pyramid and the Courage to Change

How often do we focus on where our energy really goes when we try to change our behavior? Where does our moral compass guide us? How can our beliefs limit our growth?

Start a Bonfire of Change

Do you feel your company is becoming less competitive? Identify your Progenitors, the people who act like sparks to ignite bonfires of change.

Return on Equity in Life

The context of retirement can bring a new perspective on the meaning of life. What can we "own" that will increase in value over our lifetime? How can that contribute to society?

In Tragedy, There Is Hope

When faced with tragic loss, what lessons can we learn? Death is inevitable. Life presents challenges and opportunities for us to grow in wisdom. Hope <=> Gratitude + Empathy.

Measuring Success in the Game of Life

What happens to society when we create games that define losers? Reimagine the rules of life so that each of us can define our own success without comparing with others.

The Discomfort in Smart City Implementations

When change happens, what are we afraid of? How will our beliefs about ourselves and institutions be affected by incontrovertible data that show our inadequacies and failings?

How Easy/Hard Is It For Us To Trust?

What contributes to distrust in society? What happens to innovation when distrust prevails? What changes might we have to make to inspire a positive vision of the future?

Dance, Sex Appeal & Democracy

Popular dance is a powerful metaphor for individualism. How might the sex appeal of pop dance entertainers reflect those changes? How is this reflected in contemporary China?

Holistic Learning: Operating From a Sense of Insecurity

Why are the tools and methods that worked so well in the 20th Century so ineffective in the 21st Century? How clearly do we understand the world we live in today as being different from (or similar to) previous ones? How can we respond effectively to challenges that are overwhelming, unclear and rapidly changing? What do we need to be learning?

The Age of Decentralized, Distributed Knowledge

For centuries, the flow of information has followed the structure of organizations. This is no longer true. What changes have resulted from the explosion in connectivity and information-sharing? How are organizations and leadership struggling to cope? How will our lives be affected? What can we learn from the resistance to innovation/change?

Trust in a Trustless Society

Knowledge, transparency, privacy and trust. How are these related? When they are incomplete, what is their impact on our lives? How do we deal with the uncertainties that result from a lack of trust? Do we need new metrics of trust? How can humans develop trust through interactions based purely on digital media?

On Being an Instrument

Are you creating dissonance (conflict) or harmony in your life? How are you expressing your energies when you interact with others? How does your energy define who you are and how others perceive the value you bring? Can you describe yourself as "an instrument of intimacy"? How might that change your relationships?

Literacy = Learning, Unlearning, Relearning

What is required for survival in the 21st Century? How can we re-direct our neural programming to adapt to the dynamic changes in the world? What are effective ways to condition your mind to take advantage of new opportunities? How can we benefit from the real power of knowledge?

What Would America's Founding Mothers Want?

When the philosophical foundations of America were being set by the "Founding Fathers", where were women's voices? How can we design a world that honors and integrates the unique value of women's perceptions of what society can be? What would you personally want to see in a global discussion of what the future can be?

Embracing Diversity to Counter Extremism

Are we hard-wired to prefer simplistic views of the world? What does it take to keep an open mind? What might happen if we acknowledge and celebrate the richness of diverse talents and points of view? Can we, at the same time, embrace similarities and differences in people from other cultures and beliefs?

Is Life Just a Sequence of Random Events?

How do we understand the role of luck in our lives? If value and meaning can only be achieved by a sequence of events, does that sequence reflect a pre-determined pattern? Whose pattern? Where does this line of thinking take us in terms of planning? How are artists and entrepreneurs different from the rest of us? How do we find meaning in life?

How Can We Scale-Up the Education of Innovators?

We spend billions of dollars to ask: How can we learn to be innovative and entrepreneurial? If we believe we need more innovators, how might our approach to education need to be changed? How do we know what students learn? Is the ability to innovate more of a creative art or disciplined engineering? What if we had an Artificial Intelligence Mentor? How might that work?

How Is Education Becoming Irrelevant - Education vs Learning

What's wrong with the way we think about education? How are corporations dealing with Millennials? Do you feel that the significance of what you know is decreasing at an exponential rate? How can we cope? How is the Knowledge Economy fundamentally different from the Industrial Economy? What are the implications of a Sharing Economy?

What We Choose to Believe - The Power of Belief

Why are we more tolerant of our own fallibility than that of machines that operate on probabilities (algorithms)? What does this say about our confidence in science and scientific evidence? Does the entrepreneurial mindset offer a different perspective on how we learn and grow?

How (Not) to Win the War on Terrorism

How can we protect society against a few committed radicals who can disrupt society by marshaling powerful communications networks? In the good old days, we tracked the movement of physical assets as early warning signs of trouble. What can we do now, when weapons are intangible and untraceable? Might it be possible to mobilize the mainstream as a balancing force?

The Cost of Efficiency: Unlearning

Conventional education teaches us be as efficient as possible. How useful is this training in dealing with the dynamic uncertainty and complexity of 21st Century challenges? Why do so many companies complain that young people are unable to solve real problems? How can we change the current mindset that is focused on being efficient but turns out to be unproductive?

If Learning Is a Natural Skill, Why Is It So Hard?

Are we as individuals and companies afraid of learning? How did we become this way? What has happened to our natural instincts of curiosity and survival? We experience pleasure from being curious, due to the release of dopamine in our brains--that encourages more curiosity. Especially for young adults, what has happened to their courage to explore what they don't know?