Sometimes it's about guns

A mild-mannered retired librarian shakes off a long-time fear of guns and finds, to her chagrin, that she likes pistol target shooting.

Sometimes it's about travel

Imagine a cross-country trip without being x-rayed, patted down, sitting in stalled traffic, dodging speeding 18-wheelers, or sharing your lap with the passenger in front of you. Take the train!

Sometimes it's about common sense

Okay, I don't personally know these folks, and it's possible they're absolutely brilliant. But common sense, nope. Not a shred of it. Speeding cars and snakes on the subway make me want to stay in bed with the covers pulled up.

Sometimes it's about pets

I am a very good friend, and I spent ten days petsitting to prove it. I was seriously outnumbered. A fine time was had by most.

Sometimes It's About Editors

After writing all these years, I know something about editors. Let me count the ways.

Sometimes It's About Childhood Cancer

In 1977 a diagnosis of childhood cancer was often a death sentence, but our daughter is now 34 years old, a lovely, lively young woman living independently, beloved of friends and coworkers alike. She is a survivor. So are the rest of her family.  

Sometimes it's about identity

We worry about our privacy and then tell the world who we are through plastic store tags on our keyrings.

Sometimes it's about belonging

 I'm singing "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway Park. I belong!

Sometimes it's just about hanging on

 Everybody said we were wrong for each other. They were probably right. Yet here we are celebrating our 40th anniversary.