The Rise of Artisan Parenting

Artisan parents create a handcrafted, "authentic", high parental-effort childhood for their kids to demonstrate that they are better parents.

What TV's House Hunters Teaches Us About Choices

When it comes to Househunters, a unique house has a better chance against similarly good houses.

The Lloyd Dobler Effect

Romantic heroes can alter the romantic lives of women and men.

Gaming the System: How to Use Comparisons to Set Goals

When it comes to measuring our achievements, is it best to compare ourselves to our past selves, to set standards, or to people around us? What are the consequences for motivation?

We Like the Same Things, Why Can't We Get Along?

It seems logical that when others agree with our choices, and would make the same choices, we would feel more confident and satisfied with our decisions. However, when our friends make the same choices, but for different reasons, we can come to doubt ourselves.

Are You a Comparer?

Some people are more likely to look for and use comparison information from people around them. Take this quiz to learn if you are a comparer and see the plusses and minuses that come with your orientation.

Altered Magazine Photos Hurt Our Self-Image

We know that altered images in magazines harm self-views, and they aren't going to change. Can disclaimers reduce those negative effects?

Keeping Ahead of the Joneses

Concerns about keeping up, keeping ahead, and not falling behind our neighbors and friends can lead us to make risky choices.

We Are Defined by Our (Cultural) Boundaries

Studying culture doesn't just help you understand the stranger next door, it can also you understand yourself. A recent book provides 8 ways to describe yourself.

No Time to Lean In, I've Got a Meeting to Get to...

Women are leaning in and leading a majority of civic groups, but because their efforts are voluntary, they are devalued.

Losing Lance

Lance Armstrong was a hero to many. A cancer survivor, a champion, and a symbol of what unrelenting drive could achieve. How do people cope with the loss of a role model? Do we turn away, forgive, or simply ignore what has been revealed?

Have a Happy (and Fair) Holiday Season

Gift exchanges can be fraught with tension. Learn how to fair doesn't mean equal, and how Christmas gifts can become year-end bonuses in relationships.

Creating Psychological Safety After a Tragedy

When we hear about tragedies occurring to other people, we are comforted by their "otherness". Sometimes, however, they are just like us, which makes it much more difficult to cope.

Competition Is Inevitable, So When Is it Useful?

At times it seems like we want to shelter children from competition, because we fear the negative effects. But, competition is inevitable. So, how can we make it more friendly?

But Everyone Else Is Better Than Me!

Children naturally make comparisons. Here are some quick tips for making the most of them.

Feeling Bad Is Good for You

While doing better than others can provide a temporary high, it is the feeling of being outperformed that provides the drive to work harder.

Winning Is Sweetest on an Obstacle Course

Americans prefer stories of success to be peppered with hardship because it magnifies the achievements.

Getting to Ourselves through Others

Social comparison theory explains much about everyday life.