Clear the Roadblocks to Meditation

Meditation relieves stress, improves health, and augments performance at work. So what’s stopping you? A new book addresses some of the common roadblocks.

That’s Awkward

Awkward people are not socially fluent because they are often unable to read social cues and follow social scripts. They may be culpably ignorant but they can be awesome.

The Authentic Introvert

Because the introvert may be highly concerned with being authentic, we may wonder whether there is anything wrong with an introvert “passing” as an extrovert.

Dealing with Ambition Addiction

The pursuit of a lofty height diminishes appreciation of the present state of affairs. We need to have a healthy relationship with ambition.

The Libertarian Moment Is Now

In a culture that craves choices and options, in which we can order our coffee in 87,000 different ways at Starbucks, shouldn’t we have more than two choices for president?

The Manliness of Donald Trump

Not since Ronald Reagan has America had a manly president, and maybe that’s a good thing. Trump’s “us vs. them” mentality appeals to our visceral, unthinking instincts.

The Equal Tax

Would you join an organization that wanted you to pay more for the same benefits as everyone else just because you have a higher income?

Marxism at the Existentialist Café

Sartre and company would have been more honest if they recognized that their Marxism was at odds with their existentialism.

Love, Selfishness, and Self-Interest

Does one really love the other person, or does one just love the feeling of being in love? Are we doomed to solitude? Or can we build a bridge between the self and other?

Rational Optimism Illuminates the Evolution of Everything

The rational optimist hopes for a future that will bring increasing health, wealth, peace, and prosperity largely as a result of accidental, emergent, and unplanned phenomena.

The Daily Gratitude List

My gratitude list started for me as a cure for self-pity, but it has now become a matter of prevention for all kind of negative thoughts and feelings.

Income Inequality, Fairness, and Envy

Life does not guarantee approximate equality of outcomes, and the demand for such equality in the name of fairness is grounded in envy and resentment. You can change your frame of reference to turn envy into gratitude.

Income Inequality and Bullsh*t

We all need to have enough income, but enough is not determined by how much our neighbors earn. It is incumbent upon each of us to define ourselves as individuals.