Not Sure if You Should Take Medication?

Many women wonder why we don’t just prescribe hormone replacements if part of the problem may be their hormones.

A Plea to Healthcare Professionals and Mamas in Distress

It's hard to admit outloud that having a baby doesn't feel good for some women. And for 1 out of 7 women who give birth, it makes them very sick.

Should We Call it Postpartum Depression?

For reasons that are both straightforward and extremely complex, I just think the terminology should be different.

Postpartum Depression Is Hard on a Marriage

After symptoms have improved and healthy coping skills begin to emerge, remnants of the earlier ambush can, and will, create various degrees of turmoil in your marriage.

I'm a New Mother and I'm Anxious!

Experts and mothers equally agree, with no reservations, that all new mothers experience anxiety; this is irrefutable and unconditional.

Let's Face it: Sometimes Being a Mother Doesn't Feel Good

A woman may hear how motherhood will change her life forever. Indeed. But what is often not said is that some of these changes will be profoundly disquieting, often launching her into a crisis, the likes of which she has never known.

Tips for Coping With Scary Thoughts

It has been estimated that as many as 91 percent of ALL postpartum women experience negative, unwanted, intrusive thoughts about their baby!

Find Your Holiday Brave

If you have a history of depression or are currently depressed, the weeks before and during the holidays can descend with crushing anxiety.

PeRfEcTLy Postpartum

The sooner to begin to accept that there are things you cannot change or control, you sooner you will feel free to successfully navigate this unpredictable course of motherhood.

How Can I Help You?

I am, simultaneously, both an agitator and a follower, outspoken and deferential, self-confident and apprehensive, enlightened and traditional.

The Voice of Depression

Women who are severely ill can present well and look good. Really good.

A Little Kindness Does Go a Long Way

Problem solving is a process that is best achieved by the acceptance of a common goal and a kind heart.

Ask for Help

If your provider responds inappropriately or in any way that makes you feel worse, acknowledge to yourself that you tried and acted on your own behalf and then, go find another provider.

The Dance of Togetherness

Are you really collaborating with your partner or are you merely a participant with no emotional investment?

Is Suicide Contagious?

Someone else’s suicide feels dangerously intimate.

Keys to a Happy Marriage After PPD

Compromising is another way of saying you prefer to behave in ways that are more effective in the long run, than triumphant in the heat of the moment.

Professional, Screen Thyself

Therapists who do not specialize in this area of treatment may not be attuned to the nuances that can easily slide by unnoticed.

The Incubator

What if, I were to spend much of my adult life trying desperately to grow up in spite of a profound desire to stay put or go back, perhaps, to put closure on that which was left undone. A raw, unfinished innocence. Organic anxiety.

Journalists, Doctors, Everyone: Let's Get it Right

Women are scared. Women are confused. When the media and their own doctors are not clear, how can we expect them to find comfort in the care they are receiving or the words they are reading?

If You're Just Not Sure How You Feel on Mother's Day

It is urgent that we debunk the myth, which perpetrates the notion that this transition to motherhood comes easily and naturally to most women.

Should We Call It Postpartum Depression?

There is a reason the term postpartum depression has traditionally and exclusively been linked with a woman's experience. Principally, it's due to the fact that the definition of postpartum depression has been linked to the unique experience of childbirth and delivery, commonly involving labor pains and a uterus.

An Open Letter to Postpartum Therapists

We can treat scary thoughts with medication or good therapy. But if we do not address the shame, we are only scratching the surface.

Are You an Over-Giver?

Sacrificing your needs on behalf of others is an unsustainable state.

Can You Be Kind in the Face of Negativity?

Being nice to each other is more than good manners. It is a prerequisite for healthy connections.

Why Postpartum Moms Need to Talk About How They Are Feeling

For postpartum women with depression and anxiety, the list of help-seeking barriers is extensive.

When Postpartum Psychosis Presents in ER

Postpartum psychosis is always a psychiatric emergency.

A Plea for Help

How does distress go undetected by some when it seems to others to be blatantly screaming for attention?

Be Your Own Best Advocate

No one else knows you as well as you do.

Talk About Your Postpartum Depression

If your doctor does not understand that postpartum emotional disorders are the most common complication of childbirth, you have to decide whether you want to educate your doctor or find a new one.

Are You Being Nice to Each Other?

Essential to the development of mutual regard and appreciation for the relationship is a sense of caring and concern toward the offending partner.