Racism: Our Collective Complicity, Denial and Naiveté

To honestly confront the psychological illness of racism, America needs a true mirror, one that reflects our light and our shadow; one that provokes a real moral and spiritual awakening.

We Are Brian Williams

Imagine Brian Williams saying "I tried to feel good about myself but never felt good enough. I constantly criticized myself. I inflated who I was hoping that somehow the reflection back from my audience would overcome my inner diminishment. Now I see that it never did and it never can."

Dr. King’s Dream Through the Lens of White Privilege

Have we fulfilled Dr. King's Dream? Or could those who argue that we now live in a truly post-racial society be wearing the blinders of white privilege?

4 Half Truths About Weight Loss

Why is your weight loss program not working? Here's what you need to know.

4 Barriers to Dialoguing About Race and How to Overcome Them

Talking about race is no easy task. What makes understanding each other so hard? What can you do to make racial dialogue more healing and less painful? Here's what I've learned from working with diverse groups dialoguing about race.

Getting Real: 7 Problems to Becoming Our Authentic Selves

Get real. Be authentic. Just be yourself. Great advice, but what makes it so difficult? What are the forces against arriving on the scene just as you truly are?

6 Reasons Not to Forgive, Not Yet

Forgiving can be sweet. But are there times this counsel can cause pain instead of healing? You better believe it!

Diagnosing Depression In The Wake Of Robin Williams’ Suicide

Lives can be saved; symptoms can be legitimized; shame can can be lifted. But is there a dark side of diagnosing and labeling depression? Read about the pros and cons of diagnosing here.

How to Interpret Dreams of Children and Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered what it means to dream of a pregnancy, an abandoned child, or a newly discovered child? Are you interested in how dreams use these symbols to indicate that it is time to make a change and what the obstacles might be? Are you fascinated by the mysterious intelligence that can be found in your dreams? If so, read on.

Declaring Our Independence

Declaring our independence is not just a one time event. We need to do it regularly in order to free ourselves from inner tyranny, relationship limits and abuses, and cultural barriers. Here's a short psychological reflection on July 4th and a prayer for all.

The American Soul: Race & The Danger of New Age Spirituality

While much wisdom can be found in New Age spirituality, there is a rich tradition of wisdom grown right here on American soil, paid for in blood and tears, and ready made to address the souls, psyches, and dilemmas we face as Americans.

Maya Angelou in Memoriam: An American Elder

In her childhood silence she created an alchemical chamber where the power and absolute beauty of her voice unfolded and flowered – a voice that would change the course of millions.

7 Ways Dreams Enrich Our Lives

We turn to counselors, healers, and gurus for wisdom and direction. We hunger to connect with our deepest feelings; we long to find the path that is ours. Can our dreams be our greatest teacher; the fountain of love and insight we've been looking for?

Mother, Mother Earth: The Need for Safety

Were you safe as a child? Can you keep your children totally safe? Here's a short reflection on Mother's Day and the Earth as mother.

Into the Dark: A Psychology of Soul, Shadow, and Diversity

Tired of hearing about the “5 Keys to Success,” “7 Elements for Being Happy,” or “6 Steps to Healing?" It’s time for more depth, diversity, and soul in our vision of health. It’s time for a psychology with enough heart and love to embrace our wholeness and humanity.

Why We Eat the Way We Do

Do we really understand why we're going on a diet and why we eat the way we do? If we fail to understand and empathize with the reasons why we have issues with food, we're failing to grasp the real problem. So, how do we go beyond the quick diet fix and truly understand our relationship with food?

Understanding Dreams About Animals: Following Our Instincts

We lose touch with our instincts and then dream of them at night in the form of dogs, rats, lions, and bears. Want to learn more about the animals that show up in your dreams? Read on!

Philip Seymour Hoffman & the Shadow of Individual Addiction

In the shadow of individual addiction is our culture of addiction. When we focus only on the individual, we suffer from a malignant projection onto "those addicts" while we remain unconsciously ignorant, contemptuous, condescending, or simply full of pity.

Three Keys to Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams

What are your dreams telling you? How can you understand their meaning? In my years of teaching people about dreams, I have found three keys to help unlock their wisdom and counsel.

Resolutions, Commitments, And All That Jazz

Why do we fail to keep our resolutions and commitments? Simply put, they are often authored by our egos and not our deeper selves. Here's some common wisdom that may not be helping along with a deeper way of understanding yourself and why you may not be following through with your goals and plans.

Dream Analysis and Interpretation

Dreams are not panaceas or one-line gems to live by; they are as nuanced and diverse as nature. They are a door to a wonderful world of symbol and language, of perspective and insight, of soul and spirit with advice and wisdom crafted specifically for you. What are your dreams telling you?

Death, Dying, and Altered States: Bridging Two Realities

There is a certain grief that arises when a loved one is no longer mentally “here” and able to communicate in ways that make normal sense. While I understand the impulse to correct them and somehow bring them back to a world in which you are familiar, consider the possibility of entering their world, their “altered state." Here's some ways how.

The Awful Words Dieters Say to Themselves

Please read the words I have heard clients say to themselves about their bodies!

Why She Ate: A Diet Story

Despite all the massive efforts, promises made by the $60 billion diet industry, and negatives that get heaped on people who are heavy or obese, the hungers that drive people to eat are even more powerful. Here's the story of one woman's discovery of what that hunger was and how it helped her create a diet program that was right for her.

Building & Repairing Trust: Keys to Sustainable Relationship

How can trust be repaired once damaged? How can relationships thrive given the inevitability of breaches and betrayals of trust? How can we build sustainable long-term relationships? Here are some answers.

Think Your Diet Needs More Discipline? Think Again

The way we apply discipline is often accompanied by an attitude of self-correction and chastisement resulting in a cycle of success and failure, over and over. In addition, being more disciplined without regard for our true underlying hungers will rarely be sustainable.

Combating Projections onto HIV/AIDS

The denial of death is ever-present. People get sick but resist their own sense of frailty; people witness another’s death but deny their mortality; people age but fight against every reminder. Death is the enemy; sickness is a sign of weakness and failure. As a result, people project death and dying onto someone else; those with HIV/AIDS have been prime targets.

Three Things To Learn From Failure

In our success-obsessed culture the meaning and intelligence of failure easily gets lost. Failure can help right our ship, make our values more true, or bring us closer to our own authentic path.

Dream Interpretation: Three Dreams and Their Interpretation

Dreams are windows to the Self, to the unconscious, to the soul. They are marvelously crafted to show our relationship to that which we conceal, deny, or are simply unaware of. Further, they can reveal unrecognized paths to resolving our most intractable problems.

Psychology Needs a Makeover

“Don’t eat that,” “Stop worrying,” “Don’t judge,” “Forgive,” “Make different choices,” “Don’t be so aggressive, sensitive, insecure,” “Stop falling for the wrong people.” Such psychological platitudes focusing on individuals’ inadequacies perpetuate a narrow view of our humanity, rarely offer ways to deepen personal transformation, and often shame in the process.