Stop Saying There Are No Good Men if You Want a Good Man

I frequently hear some version of “there are no good men” from women who find themselves repeatedly dating the wrong guys. Luckily, there’s a simple (not necessarily easy) fix.

How One Woman Avoided Love's School of Hard Knocks

Most of us are taught, by word or by deed, that attendance at the school of hard knocks is mandatory in romance. Don’t believe it. There's a better way.

How to Protect Your Love From the Battle of the Sexes

The world gives us reasons aplenty to be angry at the opposite sex. Anger can feel good, but there’s a brighter path to happiness.

How to Issue a Relationship Ultimatum

One partner doesn’t want to be cornered into a decision; the other doesn’t want to be stuck in limbo. Here’s one way to find resolution.

"Is He Worth It?"

Where are all the good men? They're everywhere, and they're looking for great relationships.

Yale Students Demonstrate the High Cost of Too Much Safety

My generation has taught far too many youngsters that their comfort is the one variable which trumps all others—including the rights and freedoms of other people. Ironically, that lesson creates no end of discomfort.

Why the DSM is Blind to the Real Cost of Marijuana Abuse

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders measures symptoms, but marijuana abuse doesn't include many of the DSM's favorite symptoms. The real cost is something the DSM cannot quantify.

The Difference Between Highly Sensitive and Hypersensitive

High sensitivity is biologically based. Hypersensitivity is a reflection of coping skills. Luckily, they don’t go hand-in-hand.

The Most Important Thing to Know about Bullies

Bullies and predators frequently send signals before they attack. When that happens, a timely response is more important than a perfect response.

"Surviving Aggressive People" Book Cover Reveal

Many thanks to all who helped us pick the new book cover. Here's the winning design!

Why Women Are Rejecting “Perfect” Men

Men should not strive to stay out of trouble. We should strive to be the best men we can be. Only then are we worthy of women’s love.

Help Me Choose the Cover for "Surviving Aggressive People"

The second edition of "Surviving Aggressive People" will be available soon. Would you be so kind as to help me select the cover?

The Mighty Power of “I Don’t Know”

Fallibility is nothing to fear. It is a source of power. As a life skill, it’s right up there with dressing well, networking, and keeping a good credit score. Here are a few reasons I love the phrase “I don’t know.”

How My Mind Tricks Me Into Eating Biscuits and Gravy

Do you ever over-indulge? I do. My mind is very clever at convincing me to do things that aren’t good for me.

Why Men Feel Outmatched During Arguments with Women

Most men are taught early and often to avoid emotion. Our stoicism is useful in some situations, and it’s a burden in others. It can leave a lot of us feeling outwitted and outmatched during arguments with the women in our lives. Here's what couples can do about it.
Sometimes an Oil Change Is Love Poetry

Sometimes an Oil Change Is Love Poetry

From my new book, the second of five things you might not know about men: sometimes an oil change might as well be love poetry. Men often speak their own language, but there can be deep affection hidden amongst the empty oil cans.

How Pee-Wee Football Can Improve Men’s Relationship Skills

From my new book, here’s the first of five things that you might not know about men: What boys learn on the football field, in the locker room, or roughhousing in the backyard helps us become better boyfriends and husbands. (Mostly.)

Book Review: Overcoming Your Childhood Emotional Neglect

It’s easy to notice when we repeat our parents’ behavior. It’s tougher to notice when we’re depriving our kids of the things our parents neglected to provide. Jonice Webb’s “Running On Empty” can help parents become better moms and dads by noticing what’s missing.

A Bit of Good Advice

I love hearing good advice. Why? Because good advice spares me from costly, inefficient mistakes that other people have already made, freeing me to make my own spectacular, brand-new mistakes. Here's some of the best advice I've heard. What's yours?

How Men Think: Book Announcement and Free Chapter

My new book, “The Woman’s Guide to How Men Think,” looks at the good things and the bad that men bring to relationships, and it offers plenty of tips for communicating with the less talkative gender. It will be available on February 2nd, but you can download the first chapter today.
Who Do You Want to Be In Ten Years?

Who Do You Want to Be In Ten Years?

If you're contemplating major habit changes for the new year, I wish you success. But while you're headed to that Zumba class, don't forget about the tiny, easy course corrections you can make at any time of any day. Those little choices add up to bigger changes than we think.

Turn Temptation Into Discipline

Opportunities for distraction are also opportunities to practice focus and discipline.

Book Review: Men On Strike

In her new book, "Men On Strike," Dr. Helen Smith says that men are dropping out of higher education, marriage, and fatherhood because these institutions are fraught with emotional and financial traps. Instead, she says, many men are choosing to enjoy a risk-free life. If she's right, we're in trouble.

Survey Results: The Happiest Day of Your Life

Last month, I began asking people to tell me about the happiest day of their life. Here’s what they said, along with an open invitation for you to contribute.

What Men Love About Women

Earlier this year, I posted an online survey asking men and women what they think of each other. Here is some deep admiration and interesting advice from the guys.

What Women Love About Men

Back in May, I posted an online survey asking men and women what they think of each other. Here is what some of the women had to say.
Why I Don't Care About My Daughter's Self-Esteem

Why I Don't Care About My Daughter's Self-Esteem

I approach my daughter’s self-esteem the same way I approach her appendix. If it causes a problem, we will deal with it. Otherwise, it is to be ignored.
Five Reasons Men Go Silent, and What to Do About It Part Two

Five Reasons Men Go Silent, and What to Do About It Part Two

In Part One of this two-part essay, I offered a few common reasons that men stop talking in relationships. Then, being a man, I ran out of things to say. I’m back now, with a few thoughts on how to tackle this problem as a team.

Science Should Never Be Used as an Ideological Bludgeon

Dr. Marsha Lucas recently made suggestions about the neurological and evolutionary status of those who do not support the Affordable Care Act. I disagree with her use of the literature.

Five Reasons Men Go Silent, and What to Do About It (Part 1)

Why do men clam up during arguments with the women in their lives? Here are five of the most common explanations that I have heard from men.