Why We Hold Grudges, and How to Let Them Go

We hold onto our grudges, fiercely, even though we really want to let them go. We stay stuck in anger and resentment towards those who"wronged" us in the past, but we really want to move on and live in the present moment. What gets in the way of letting go and moving on, and how can we get free from our grudges and live what we really want?

Waiting for Nothing: Loving Yourself on Valentine's Day

Instead of waiting to be loved by others on Valentine's Day, what if we took ownership of our own love and waited for nothing?

When Helping Another is Harming You (Part 2)

As an enabler, I felt powerless, imprisoned and paralyzed. And then I woke up. The catalyst in my awakening, my path to freedom, was actually a simple but profound question...

Are You An Enabler? (Part 1)

My path to becoming an enabler started out as most do, as someone trying to help, and believing that I could… Years later, it was myself that I had to rescue.

Your Truest Friend Resides Inside Your Own Heart

When we fight, our tendency is to want to correct the other person’s version of truth, essentially, to get them to agree with our version.

How to Deepen Your Relationship With Yourself

You don't always get to choose what kinds of experiences you have in life, but you do get to choose how you are going to relate to those experiences. Whether wanted or unwanted, you can turn all of life's experiences into profound opportunities to know yourself.

Overcoming Your Fear of Feelings

We hold the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) belief that anyone who has the luxury/privilege of feeling their actual feelings must be either independently wealthy or not living a real life.

How to Look Out for Yourself

There are times in life, for everyone, when it feels like all our safety nets get cut, and we are stripped of everything that we considered our foundation. How do we love and take care of ourselves when the ground is gone?

Mindfulness: How Far Can You Go?

Mindfulness practice is not conditional; you are not observing your mind in order to fix it or figure out what's wrong with you

Have Our Lives Become a Popularity Contest?

There used to be a stage of life called "growing up," when we stopped defining ourselves by what others thought of us and became more interested in what we thought of ourselves. It seems that this stage has now been cancelled. Is being popular really what we want to hold up as the most meaningful aspect of life, the sign of real achievement?

Mindfulness for the Uncooperative Mind

Mindfulness does not depend on any particular kind of mind, and certainly not a calm one.

Enough About Me. What Do YOU Think About Me?

Surviving the age of narcissism...intact!

Has Technology Killed Down Time?

Technology provides an ever-present, external place for our attention. As a result, we now sadly, see being with "just" ourselves as a void—a panic-inducing non-place.

Are You Feeding On Your Pain... Past Its Expiration Date?

Pain is a truth, but if we don't feed it, it has a natural life span. It is we who make pain immortal.

Is Anyone Worth Turning Off Your Phone?

Ask yourself, Is what you are checking on your phone more important than the person in front of you?

Is Technology Worsening Our Basic Restlessness?

If you ask the mind, technology is the best thing to ever happen! A perfect ally for keeping us out of the present moment.

Being in the Moment When We Don't Like the Moment

Accepting the moment, as it is, is NOT defeat. Just the opposite. Once here, in this moment, we have a place from which to launch change.

Because You Feel It Doesn't Mean You Have to Be It

When we start observing our emotions, we realize that emotions fire almost as randomly and relentlessly as the chatter we call thoughts.

10 Best Practices for Being Present

Ours is a society obsessed with FOMO. And yet, ironically, many of us miss out on the most important thing of all—our own life.

Mindfulness: Has Your Ego Slipped Inside Your Witness?

Be vigilant... Even mindfulness can be kidnapped by the ego mind!

Stop Hating Yourself for Hating Vacation

It is not so much the difficulty that we experience that causes the worst pain but rather, the way we struggle against that difficulty, as if we are not supposed to have it.

The Beauty in NOT Keeping Up With the Joneses

NOT competing to keep up with the Joneses, ironically, allows us to avoid the despair and emptiness that result from chasing external objects in search of internal wholeness. NOT keeping up with the Joneses (even when it means pulling out a flip phone) helps our children (and us adults) to grow, and, ultimately, to find what we really want.

Brave New "Auto-Corrected" World

In addition to distorting our words, and reality, the auto-corrector is now contributing yet another mirror to the funhouse that is human communication.

Uncovering Our Limitless Self

We are... before we are given a name, believe or know anything, and have any hats to wear. Remembering this, we shed a long list of identities that require defending, and rediscover our true self, our infinite potential. Indeed we realize that we are so much more than we ever imagined.

Last Minute Itis: The Behavior Plague of Our Time

Canceling plans last minute via text... Because we can now alert someone about having wasted their time, does that make it okay to do so?

When to Give Up on the Piano Lessons

At what point do we stop forcing our children to do something (that they say they don't want to do) for the sake of building important life skills and learning important life lessons?

How to Heal Defensiveness in Close Relationships

When someone tells us that we caused them pain, we get angry at them. Often, the more hurt they are, the more hurtful and vicious we are in response. It is strange behavior really.

The Secret to a Joyful Life... Kill the "Me" Who's Living It

Dropping the story of "me" is like taking off a heavy overcoat that has been sitting between us and life, blocking us from feeling truly alive.

Why a Sad Truth Is Better Than a Happy Lie

The illusion of a friendship is not the same thing as a friendship, no matter how much we try to fill in the holes.

Are You and Your Partner Speaking the Same Language?

The problem is not that we mean different things with the same words, but the fact that we believe that we mean the same thing... and react accordingly.