When Feeling Guilty is Your Natural State

How to heal from being chronically blamed.

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You don't want your child on the device, but what to do when he's bored?

Are You Ready to Stop Being a Victim?

If you don't want to be a victim, you don't have to be...

Are You on Your Own Side?

Is there more to self-care than getting a massage?
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How to Be Kind to Ourselves Through the Holiday Season

Is the pressure to be happy in the holidays wearing you out?
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When We Need an Apology, but Are Never Going to Get One

What happens when we need an apology but are never going to get one?

Can a Relationship Recover From Resentment?

Can a relationship recover from resentment?

What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Grown Up?

When we shame ourselves... how to stop.

How to Quiet the Little Voice in Your Head

Tired of your inner narrator? How to press the mute button.
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When You're Lonely Inside Your Relationship

The simplest way to ease loneliness...that you can do alone.

The One Decision That Can Radically Improve Your Family Life

Want to improve the quality of your family life? One decision that will change everything...

Why Regret Is a Waste of Time

How to work positively with choices you wish you hadn't made.

Teens and Texting: A Recipe for Disaster

Teens and texting... Is your child the next Michelle Carter?

Self-Help Schools of Happiness, and Why They Fail, Part 3

Self-help convinces us that we can pin down happiness and keep it for ourselves. So why do all the strategies fail, and keep us buying more books?

Why Happiness Doesn't Last, and Why That's Okay, Part 2

Unfortunately, our bloated self-help industry will never solve the problem of life's life-ness

Why Happiness Doesn't Last, and Why That's Okay

Our conception of what life is supposed to feel like is based on something that is not actually real.

Should I Answer Every Text My Child Sends?

It may feel good to be the person your child shares everything with, and yet...

How to Be a Good Parent in a Digitally Addicted World

Technology addiction is real. And yet, we can and must still be good parents.

If Life Is Perfect, Why Do I Want Mine to Change?

Life is perfect and change is needed... both are true.

How to Love Yourself When Those Around You Can't: #2

An important (and practical) skill to add to your relational toolbox.

How to Love Yourself When Those Around You Can't

The essence of well-being is the ability to love yourself in any kind of company.

Do I Look Hot? Selfies and Self Esteem--A Losing Battle

With self confidence built on selfies, what kind of women will our daughters become?

How to Live Peacefully With Repetitive Negative Thoughts

Is it possible to be well even when our thoughts are not?

Why You Should Stop Asking Google What to Do With Your Life

After two hours of relentless searching and surfing, I felt agitated, anxious, and paralyzed, entirely overwhelmed with possibilities but unable to move on anything.

The New Religion: Ease, Immediacy and Convenience

Technology makes us believe that we can get whatever we want... instantly. But is this belief destroying our true happiness?

Are We Using Technology to Avoid Ourselves?

Try though we may, we ultimately cannot outrun ourselves...
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Are You Afraid to Be With "Just" Yourself (No Smartphone)?

Is there an app to help us tolerate our own company?
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Freedom in Technology Not From Technology

Our love affair with our devices is creating havoc in our real affairs

How Long Should You Wait for Your Partner to Commit?

When you don't get the level of commitment you desire in a relationship, how do you decide when enough is enough?

The Key to Intimacy Is Radical Listening

Real intimacy happens when it's safe to disagree.