Should I Answer Every Text My Child Sends?

It may feel good to be the person your child shares everything with, and yet...

How to Be a Good Parent in a Digitally Addicted World

Technology addiction is real. And yet, we can and must still be good parents.

If Life Is Perfect, Why Do I Want Mine to Change?

Life is perfect and change is needed... both are true.

How to Love Yourself When Those Around You Can't: #2

An important (and practical) skill to add to your relational toolbox.

How to Love Yourself When Those Around You Can't

The essence of well-being is the ability to love yourself in any kind of company.

Do I Look Hot? Building Self Confidence With Selfies

With self confidence built on selfies, what kind of women will our daughters become?

How to Live Peacefully With Repetitive Negative Thoughts

Is it possible to be well even when our thoughts are not?

Why You Should Stop Asking Google What to Do With Your Life

After two hours of relentless searching and surfing, I felt agitated, anxious, and paralyzed, entirely overwhelmed with possibilities but unable to move on anything.

Is Getting What We Want Whenever We Want It Good For Us?

Technology makes us believe that we can get whatever we want... instantly. But is this belief destroying our true happiness?

Are We Using Technology to Avoid Ourselves?

Try though we may, we ultimately cannot outrun ourselves...
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Are You Afraid to Be With "Just" Yourself (No Smartphone)?

Is there an app to help us tolerate our own company?
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Freedom in Technology Not From Technology

Our love affair with our devices is creating havoc in our real affairs

How Long Should You Wait for Your Partner to Commit?

When you don't get the level of commitment you desire in a relationship, how do you decide when enough is enough?

The Key to Intimacy Is Radical Listening

Real intimacy happens when it's safe to disagree.

How to Overcome Feeling Insecure in Your Relationship

When insecurity is present, we live and relate from fear. Fear is toxic to intimacy.

Is Technology Feeding Our Inner Reptile?

Is technology the perfect tool for our nastiest self!

Can We Get Addicted to Disappointment?

When disappointment and hurt have been deep and consistent, it can, paradoxically, become pleasurable.

Pokemon, No? Putting Down Our Phones to Meet the Real World

Technology is a powerful tool for communication, and yet the way we are using it is making it into a powerful impediment to our sense of awareness.

When We Need Empathy From Our Partner, But Receive Judgment

Is your relationship filled with criticism? One simple choice can change its path.

Is Virtual Love Sexier Than Real Love?

The virtual romance happens at a pace and with a hipness and ease that has little to do with real life romance.

Why We Get Caught in Power Struggles, and How to Let Them Go

Are you caught in a power struggle but (truth be told) don't really care about what you're fighting for?

Why Surrender Is So Powerful, and How to Experience It?

What does it mean to surrender? Should we surrender, and if so, why?

When "Posting" Our Life Is More Important Than Living It

What's more important, a social media life or a good life?

You Can't Change Someone Else. But You Can Do This.

Freedom from the whole blaming/changing the other cycle, ironically, comes from moving our attention away from the other and turning that attention onto ourselves!

How to Feel Better--and Trust Life

Surrendering to grace...

When Is It Time to Stop Trying to Fix Ourselves?

Self-help relies on our belief in our fundamental defectiveness. Self-acceptance, however, will never come by successfully fixing ourself. But it will come...

4 Steps to Stop Blaming

Knowing who is to blame (and blaming them) will not make you happier or change your life!

What to Do About the People Who Blame You for Everything

Although you didn't sign up for the part, you are in fact playing a character in the blamer's internal narrative--which has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them!

When You're in Relationship With a Blamer

If it weren't for the most difficult people in our lives, we would never change! Seeing challenge as our teacher...

Who's In Charge, Computers or Humans?

Are we so anxious to surrender our authority, to not have to think, not be in charge, that we will follow any computer that tells us what to do—even when we know better?