Why We Get Caught in Power Struggles, and How to Let Them Go

Are you caught in a power struggle but (truth be told) don't really care about what you're fighting for?

Why Surrender Is So Powerful, and How to Experience It?

What does it mean to surrender? Should we surrender, and if so, why?

When "Posting" Our Life Is More Important Than Living It

What's more important, a social media life or a good life?

You Can't Change Someone Else. But You Can Do This.

Freedom from the whole blaming/changing the other cycle, ironically, comes from moving our attention away from the other and turning that attention onto ourselves!

How to Feel Better--and Trust Life

Surrendering to grace...

When Is It Time to Stop Trying to Fix Ourselves?

Self-help relies on our belief in our fundamental defectiveness. Self-acceptance, however, will never come by successfully fixing ourself. But it will come...

4 Steps to Stop Blaming

Knowing who is to blame (and blaming them) will not make you happier or change your life!

What to Do About the People Who Blame You for Everything

Although you didn't sign up for the part, you are in fact playing a character in the blamer's internal narrative--which has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them!

When You're in Relationship With a Blamer

If it weren't for the most difficult people in our lives, we would never change! Seeing challenge as our teacher...

Who's In Charge, Computers or Humans?

Are we so anxious to surrender our authority, to not have to think, not be in charge, that we will follow any computer that tells us what to do—even when we know better?

How to Make Every Day Feel Sacred

If we have always been able to walk, can we feel awe for the act of walking? Experiencing the profound inside the mundane.

The Neuroscience of… Everything!

Do we really need neuroscience to prove what our gut already knows?

The #1 Most Important Relationship Skill and How to Learn It

Do you want to love (and be loved) more deeply? Become a better listener!

When Someone We Love Believes Something We Hate

How to love someone with whom we fundamentally disagree?

What We Want Most From Relationships (But Rarely Get)

The problem in relationship is that we don't dare to ask for what we really want. Most of all, we just want to be listened to, not changed, not fixed, and not judged. What if we could risk asking for what we really need?

How to Live in the Real World (Minus One Troubling Word)

Reality has no interest in our narrative on what "should" be. "Should" only intensifies our suffering. The way to peace is not by winning the war with reality, but by surrendering our fight with what is.

Stop Trying to Be Spiritual and Let Yourself Be!

What "should" a "spiritual" person feel like and behave like? When our ideas about being "spiritual" block us from our true spirit.

Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey—Remembering Our Stardust

Something in us already knows that we are spiritual beings on a human journey, not just finite and little me-s. So what gets in the way of our remembering our infinite nature, our stardust. How to not forget who we really are...

Dropping Your "Me" Story

You are not experiencing suffering, you are suffering your experience.

Why We'll Give Up Everything, Just to Be Right!

Why are we constantly explaining--to ourselves--why we’re right and why someone else is wrong. Is being right really more important than being present, or real?

Is Technology Disempowering Us?

How to live (sanely) with technology should be mindfully chosen by human grownups, not left up to our children, or worse, our devices to decide.

Has Personal Technology Killed the Magic of Travel?

Travel used to take us out of the comfort and routine of our habits, put our sense of self in flux, and liberate us from our idea of who we are. Travel held the capacity to make us feel and experience ourselves differently.

Why We Hold Grudges, and How to Let Them Go

We hold onto our grudges, fiercely, even though we really want to let them go. We stay stuck in anger and resentment towards those who"wronged" us in the past, but we really want to move on and live in the present moment. What gets in the way of letting go and moving on, and how can we get free from our grudges and live what we really want?

Waiting for Nothing: Loving Yourself on Valentine's Day

Instead of waiting to be loved by others on Valentine's Day, what if we took ownership of our own love and waited for nothing?

When Helping Another is Harming You (Part 2)

As an enabler, I felt powerless, imprisoned and paralyzed. And then I woke up. The catalyst in my awakening, my path to freedom, was actually a simple but profound question...

Are You An Enabler? (Part 1)

My path to becoming an enabler started out as most do, as someone trying to help, and believing that I could… Years later, it was myself that I had to rescue.

Your Truest Friend Resides Inside Your Own Heart

When we fight, our tendency is to want to correct the other person’s version of truth, essentially, to get them to agree with our version.

How to Deepen Your Relationship With Yourself

You don't always get to choose what kinds of experiences you have in life, but you do get to choose how you are going to relate to those experiences. Whether wanted or unwanted, you can turn all of life's experiences into profound opportunities to know yourself.

Overcoming Your Fear of Feelings

We hold the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) belief that anyone who has the luxury/privilege of feeling their actual feelings must be either independently wealthy or not living a real life.

How to Look Out for Yourself

There are times in life, for everyone, when it feels like all our safety nets get cut, and we are stripped of everything that we considered our foundation. How do we love and take care of ourselves when the ground is gone?