An ADHD Coach can help adults and students identify "points of performance" where coaching support would make the biggest difference with work, academics, or time and goal management. One of the supports a coach can provide, for example, is to serve as a "body double" - simply having your coach present with you, even quietly present, can increase your effiency with dull or difficult tasks.

You can read more about coaching support, and check out a few coaches' profiles, here.

But what if your budget right now doesn't allow for 1:1 support? Check out these resource links for peer support, self-coaching, and coaching classes which may be more affordable. 

And you can you can enjoy at least some of the benefits from coaching support - at no cost - with online peer support. One of the most creative strategies along these lines is over at Reddit (and you thought Reddit was just for looking at memes!) 

Thanks to Brandon (who among other things has been coaching students through the Edge Foundation) for turning me on to the ways in which almost 7000 Reddit users are supporting each other to move forwards towards important personal goals. Once a week ("Kickstart Sundays") users check in publicly with their intentions - those goals they want to publicly announce. Then at mid-week ("Win Wednesday") users get to brag about progress (even tiny steps) and receive social praise from other users.

I think this is what they intended when around 1999 people started talking about the "web 2.0."  Using the 'netz for true interactivity, as an extension of our local support and knowledge base.

If you're using Reddit's /r/ADHD or some other online peer support system, I'd love to hear about it!

About the Author

David D. Nowell, Ph.D.

David D. Nowell, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist interested in motivation, focus, and fully-engaged living.

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