Why Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorables” Is Not Romney’s “47%”

Was Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" comment vicious and vile, or a truthful gaffe?

Were We Ever a Civil Society? Bigotry's Threat to Democracy

Is explicitly bigoted language becoming the "new normal" in American politics?

Gunfight at the FB Corral: A Dialogue with Gun Enthusiasts

Thoughts and respect are better than insults and threats when debating contentious issues like guns.

Dog Whistler: Did Trump Just Insinuate Obama Is a Traitor?

This just in: Donald Trump is dog whistler in chief.

The Most Important Quality of a President: Temperament

The words candidates choose, and how and when they use them, are important indicators of temperament, a crucial characteristic of US Presidents.

Why Donald Trump Inspires the Confidence of His Supporters

Trump supporters don’t care how insensitive, obnoxious, or inaccurate Trump is, because honesty and sensitivity are not major criteria for judging their reality TV star.

How Everyone Got Angry Voters, and an Angry Trump, All Wrong

People could have stopped Trump, but did nothing, because they deemed a Trump nomination, much less a Presidency, impossible. They should have known better.

Who Thumps for Trump? New Poll's Answer is Beyond the Pale

New poll shows that sizeable percentages of Trump supporters in South Carolina are homophobic, and white supremacists.

A Trump Presidency Can Happen, and Here’s Why

Could a wave of authoritarianism sweep Trump into the White House? Yes.

Critical Thinking 101: Why Lies Travel Faster than Truth

Mark Twain said it best: "A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

Through the Looking Glass: Unqualified Candidates Poll Well

In Wonderland, persons who have never served in public office are viewed as best qualified to serve in public office.

Because Someone’s Got to Do It: How to Be a Critical Thinker

Why it's good to resist the allure of black and white thinking, single sources of information, and conversations only with persons who always absolutely agree with you.

Trumpism: Daily Examples of a Stunning Lack of Compassion

Is one-upmanship, or Trumpism, becoming more prevalent than empathic or compassionate responses in our day-to-day lives?

70% of Wives Kill Their Husbands: I Read It on the Internet

The internet and TV are wonderful sources of fictional truths. Consume multiple sources critically.

Fight Song and Hero: Pop Anthems of Lonely Resilience

Popular songs about resilience suggest that people should tough it out on their own, alone.

What is Resilience? Placing a Buzz Word in Social Context

Resilience is often reduced to the idea that some folks just "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps."

Afraid of Dark: Film Explores Stereotypes About Black Men

"Afraid of Dark" documentary begins a conversation about the stereotypes African American males face on a daily basis.

Selma and I Turn 50: Thoughts & Feelings About Charleston SC

Yes, black lives matter, but your mileage may vary.

Gods, Machines, & Monsters: Feminist Zeitgeist in Ex Machina

What Ex Machina says about society's view of who passes for "human."

Eyes on the Prize: A Review of Selma (2014)

Films like Selma offer us an opportunity to consider where we are today in regards to race relations and civil rights.

Where No Woman Has Gone Before? Empowerment in Prometheus

In the sci-fi future, gender stereotypes persist, and opportunities exist.

Mission to Meet our Makers: A Review of Prometheus, Part 1

Being human: Michael Fassbender's David grasping our place in the universe.

What Do Terrorists and News/Social Media Have in Common?

Unbridled zeal is a wellspring of unconscionable acts, and provocative positions.

Django, and Genres, Unchained: Review of Tarantino's Latest

A mishmash of genres, with spaghetti sauce splashing everywhere, Tarantino's last film works. But how and why?

Go to Commercial: Viewer Backlash Over a Mixed Race Family

Why audiences had no problem with Cream Cheese commercials, and were up in arms about a certain Cheerios ad.

All the Rage: Interracial Couples in the News

It’s safe to say that interracial couples in the US do not always feel safe.

To Go There, or Not to Go There: "No Race Talk" in the U.S.

The rule "No Race Talk" is manifested at work, school, intimate relationships and therapy by what does not get discussed.

DWB (and DWBWWWP): When Couples Run Silent, Run Deep

Differing interpretations of Driving While Black scenarios can be a source of tension, and silence, in multiracial families.

The Sound of Silence: Silent Partners in Interracial Couples

Silence can communicate volumes to our partners.

Border Crossings in Hancock: Hollywood’s Racial Logics Redux

Today's Hollywood cinema operates under the same old racial logics.