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Using Psychology to Talk Politics

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The Deadly Cost of Censoring the CDC

Censoring the CDC could result in more deaths, especially among the most vulnerable—babies and children.

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Which Politicians Should We Trust in the Nov. 7 Election?

Which politicians should you trust with your vote in the November 7 elections? Here is an easy way to tell who's trustworthy.

Knowing Just Enough to Be Dangerous

Can too much confidence be a bad thing?

Fighting the Normalization of Post-Truth Politics

We should be deeply concerned with the normalization of post-truth politics. Fortunately, psychological strategies provide a way to combat this problem.

Trump's Transgender Gaslighting

Is the Trump administration's spin around the transgender directive gaslighting the transgender community?

The One Thing Trump Got Right on Charlottesville

Trump got almost everything wrong, except this one thing

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Avoiding Political Precommitment

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Are Friends the Enemies of Wise Choices?

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What Would Gandhi Do About Trump?

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Criticizing Conservatives Can Harm Press Safety

Mainstream media needs to be careful about criticizing conservatives. You can help it be more oriented toward the truth by promoting the Pro-Truth Pledge!

Facebook Banned Another Political Activist - Myself!

Facebook Banned Another Political Activist - Myself!

Trump and the Psychology of Pro Wrestling

How does Donald Trump uses wrestling tactics to get ahead? This article on the psychology of pro wrestling sheds some light on our "heel-in-chief."

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